how to staker ICX tutorial

By cryptage9 | hive | 8 Jul 2020

For staker, you go to google play (on android), you write ICX, you download ICONex, once downloaded (I will not teach you how to create a wallet), you give a name to your wallet, a password, you save the private key and the turn and played.




Then you arrive on the wallet which looks like the image below, you click on the ICX logo, you go on the little thumb (bottom right).




You do receive, if you have created your wallet with ICX, you have an address which presents itself and which begins with: hx32498 .....

You send the ICX to this address.





Once you have received them, you click on the small button with your thumb at the bottom right and there you have the possibility to staker, vote and earn.

You click on stake.


You write your password, then you have a window that looks like below, you put the maximum if you want to staker all your ICX, then you click on submit, I know more if we ask you for the password again times. And voila.


Once you have put your coins in a staker, you go to vote, then you arrive on a page as below. You click on P-Reps then you choose your validation partners, by clicking on the little extra that is on the left you must choose a dozen partners.



Then you go to My votes and you click on one of the partner you have chosen, a cursor appears at the bottom and you can allocate ten% to each validator. And then you vote with the "vote" button at the bottom of the page And that's the end of the tutorial.




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