Top Money Podcasts

Top Money Podcasts

By Hipster Finance | Hipster Finance | 18 Jan 2021

In 2020, I made it my goal to learn as much about money as humanly possible.  To accomplish this, I decided I would:

  • Read 2 money themed books a month.
  • Listen to a money themed podcast daily.
  • Create a finance themed social media, and follow others in a similar space + engage and interact daily.

I've learned more than I ever hoped simply executing the above for a year.  I've met what I believe will be lifelong friends.  And I've earned a lot of money!  I believe your journey with money will be whatever you set out for it to me.  Your mindset will get you there.

Podcasts have been HUGE for my learning process with money.  They're the best learning asset because you can listen while doing other things.  I listen to podcasts in the car on the way to work.  On the way home from work.  While in the grocery store.  While folding laundry or cleaning the house.  While working out!

You can literally be folding your whites for the week, and improve your knowledge on any topic you can think of.  It's an absolutely level up for you.

Here is my best list of money podcasts, for those looking to start or improve their journey:


This is not a complete list - but it contains some of my favorites and will more than get you started.  

In sum, if you aren't listening to podcasts, you're missing out.  Change that.  NOW.  

And thank me later. 

Hipster Finance
Hipster Finance

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Hipster Finance
Hipster Finance

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