Tron, and my thoughts on it...

Tron, and my thoughts on it...

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 16 Oct 2020

As stated here comes another opinionated piece by your favorite literate hippopotamus, 🦛 4 EVER!

So, I’ve obviously known about Tron’s existence for some time, but was always pretty off put by ALOT of Tron sites, or “dApps” and their incessant need for you to run a full stack wallet, with mnemonic privkey recall as well as giving me the headache of recoding one more password in my password log, oh sheesh, the password log is already SOOOO LONG, but after coming across sites like BetFury,, PlayRoyal, as well as some less note able casino/div earn programs, I decided that I should just buck up and try to give tron link a try, see if I at least liked it...

truth be told, I wasn’t super impressed with it, and honestly at the core still sort of frustrated that I have to even deal with it to interact with most dApps that feature Tron coin on their listed coins, with the exception of BetFury, which is why BetFury is probably the best Tron gambling “dapp” in my opinion, but again, it’s a opinion, and there are ALOT of good ones.

Over all though, I’m growing to find I don’t hate tron nearly as much as I thought I did, and while the “defi” offerings and other various “dApps” are leaving a user wanting, in comparison to say, ETH, the difference in fees you pay is a good selling point to at least check it out, especially as more people start developing on the blockchain.

All that being said, where do I think Trons future will go? It’s hard to say, the creator is notoriously insane, and has a host of other character flaws that come along with his insanity however being the creator and main developer doesn’t mean he has final say in a truely decentralized platform, however, the argument of whether a delegated proof of stake system is truely as decentralized as everyone believes is perhaps a debate for a future time. I guess in summary I say keep a eye on it and don’t discount growth entirely, but if you take “profit” of the coin specifically out of it, and think about the utilization of the dApps currently out there for diversification of investments, as well as all the fun they can be, it’s a pretty cool coin, with some pretty cool things going on for it.

Always open to hearing others thoughts, so if you have any on Tron, Tron dApps or anything else really, leave it in the comments and I’ll try to circle back and answer/comment you back.

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ALSO; if you want to check out one of the casino dApps I mentioned above please do click the ref link, I might rewards some that can verify they are signed up!

thanks always for reading, and say chill 0x family!


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