So I ASSUME people here like FREE crypto?

So I ASSUME people here like FREE crypto?

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 7 Aug 2019

Look Im not going to go into a whole deep thing, im plugging a new faucet I found, I would appreciate if you used my ref link if you like the wares they offer if you dont feel like using it, whatever simply copy pasta around the part that is suitable for you.

This is the link...

the site offers the fallowing ERC20 tokens which is why I find it a little unique.

- BAT (Basic Attention Token)

- BNB (Binance Coin)

you can claim every the token(s) (you can only chose one per time period) every 15 minutes, you just have to solve one pop up recap to get your reward, and it doesnt bother you much more than that in terms of pop ups or ads (which in this day in age is sorta nice)

Its simple, its sweet, if you are into faucets you should be claiming this one.

Again thats,



For all your BNB and BAT needs! (and hopefully more tokens added soon)



I am a hippo and weigh quite a bit


I will talk about (crypto) things that interest me, and I will try to make it as informative as possible. If it seems like a rant, it may be in some aspects, but I will try to make it a informative one.

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