A Tezos (XTZ) faucet I BET you didn’t know existed!

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 21 May 2020



If you’ve been keeping up with your Publish0x reads over the last few weeks or keep up to date on coinbase news, and coin additions, or simply been alive and active in the crypto space for the last year your probably in some way shape or form acquainted with Tezos, if you are not, leave your under a rock dwelling and read up!

THIS post is not to give you a technical rundown and analysis of what Tezos is/does but more accurately to shamelessly promote a faucet I found for the coin.

If you are into Tezos (XTZ) and have looked for faucets there is one that may have been overlooked by some. It took me a while to find more than the one founded by the Tezos foundation (which, sadly, only pays 0.01 Tezos a week) but finally after a while of searching I found another one to add to the list, that was better than the one founded by the Tezos foundation itself.

Here is a link to the faucet,

however, it’s not just a faucet, and there is kind of a twist to it, which I will describe now so people don’t get frustrated just expecting a simple “click + captcha” style of faucet.

This faucet is actually built into a Tezos only casino (it’s just dice and roulette) HOWEVER they have a faucet at this casino. And the nice thing about the faucet is the fact you don’t have to have a “zero balance” to claim from the faucet like you may be expected to at most casino faucets , here all that’s required is you wager your previous claim before you claim again! If your not terrible at statistical gambling, and you withdraw with reason and restraint it’s a fun way to earn a little extra Tezzies. The faucet has a cap of 10 claims in a day, with a five minute minute wait between claims. You’ll cop about 0.001 Tez per claim, and they have a withdraw min of only 0.005 (which is really fair because that’s the network transaction fee) so assuming you can gamble with restraint you can withdraw a easy .005 daily.

They also do other cool things at the casino, they of course have a jackpot system, weekly wagering contest and if your interested in investing/staking your earned coins with them as a delegate (Tezos is proof of stake after all) that’s an option there too, again with reasonable fees.

I feel I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention the coolest part about the faucet though, so here it is. The faucet allows you to increase your claimed amount by “leveling up” your account through your total wagered amount. If you make it up to the “final level” your claim amounts could get you UP TO .15 Tezos a day, which honestly, that level would be very hard to reach as you’d have to wager quite a few Tezos, but if you could, the faucet would be quite lucrative in itself.


Anyway, I hope this this article was helpful as well as something you can turn into some profit?, if not, well then, I’m sorry for wasting your time... but if you like this article subscribe, tip, and sign up for the faucet, I’ll see you round folks!

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