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Does raw food help you to heal?

By Kebwesi | Hippocratic Health | 26 Nov 2020

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from PexelsHaving come from reading Aajonous Vonderplanitz book "We want to live", it is easy to be drawn into the carnivorous vs vegetarian diet wars. In We want to live, Aajonous advocates for the consumption of raw animal products, including raw milk, raw meat including meat that may have started to decompose. Setting aside the "yuck factor", you could be eating Sushi right now so let us give the man some space.

Through first hand story telling, and descriptions of experiences and  out comes of several of his "clients", we get a glimpse of the effect that the raw diet has on the body. Detoxing the body from long term deposits of chemicals and poisons from the medical industry, helping the body to heal, recovering depleted energy fast, keeping youth, all of these and more are promises contained in the stories recounted by Aajonous.

Would you drink a smoothie that consists of Raw honey, two raw eggs, a cup of minced raw meat mixed with cream of raw coconut and some raw butter? My guess would be, that is a delicious drink which you would otherwise drink if you did not know the ingredients.

As we progress, we will get to explore each aspect of this tangent into better health, hoping that this will bring you better health as we make food our medicine.


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