The Etherscan revolution is on us...the world has changed forever

Hey you cyberpunks, we love ya!!!  Working for British firms taught me to say "the penny finally dropped." is a huge penny, causing paradigm shifts changing how we look at everything.   Want to see the portfolio of smart people?  want to see what exchanges they use ? want to follow stolen coins as they slosh around the world (and always seem to end up at Bitmax these days? )  Verify that companies actually paid as promisedWe are just scratching the surface of the implications of the transparency here. Ok, we could say  blockchains cause the shift, but is the prevailing way to see with a blockchain explorer.   

My grandfather's life went from worrying about horse accidents , through radio, TV, phones, email, and worrying about large cars.    This is one of those watersheds.  Have you realized that Etherscan can function as a wallet that lets you look at anyone else's wallet ?   A wallet of wallets.  Go FISH baby!!!



This is huge.  Man this is like when LInked In first came in - at first everyone left their contact list wide open to view.  It was like being able to look through anyone's rolodex / shoebox full of business cards which was life changing!    Working in the research department of a wall street firm in the eighties, one fine day in the eighties we asked out secretary ( remember them?) to look up a zip code and she told us USE THE INTERNET FOR THAT AND EVERYTHING ELSE, don't bother me.   I miss Rene, she was fun.  One week I called Rene to say I was taking a mental health day, which turned into a mental health week or two where I rebuilt a car and drove cross country to bring my new girlfriend, soon to be wife, to meet my family.  I called Rene every day to check in, she said things were all good with my boss.  Unfortunately Rene was being fired that week and did not tell anyone anything.  Like I said, fun. 

The Twitter hack is breaking the internet right now.  Why ?  well, we all know someone must fall for the phishing emails offering to share their inheritance, but it is hard to believe very many people get catfished, etc.  But with, we can actually watch the money from the rubes flow in!!!   Reports are all over the place - it turns out most reporters are NOT competent in  Estimates range from 100K to 13 bitcoins. There were around a dozen addresses used. And many of the coins went to Bitmex. 


Remember, Bitcoin is a pseudo anonymous coin.  Hell, it turns out that in the hands of experts on Etherscan, maybe even some of the privacy coins ain't that private LOOKING AT YOU MONERO.   Coin mixers for bitcoin?  mayyyybbeeeee - but then we see you going to the mixer, isn't that almost an admission of guilt ?  Ylang Ylang and her crew took their THREE BILLION In coins to a mixer and THEN to Bitmex.  Or maybe the CCP did the cheesy job after they extradited Ylang, because whoever did the mix job did not know what they were doing and the trail was still clear for

Let's talk about the fun parts.  Right now, many of us do not follow best privacy practices - which would be using one wallet ( or more !) per cryptocurrency.   What does this mean?  Well, try this thought exercise.   

Did you ever see a new crypto that mooned, and asked yourself dang, I wish I had know about that one.  How did those investors know?   So ask our boy Etherscan to look up who are the big HODLers of the groovy new wondercoin that just mooned.  Look through those addresses - LOOK THROUGH THE WALLETS OF THE WINNERS and see what else they have up in there.  Hell you can see how early they got into the wondercoin, when they stacked more of them, etc. etc. 


What else can you see ? spot any OTHER coins mere mortals have never thought much of ? ah HA.  

Want to know what exchanges  the genius used?  It's right freaking there.

And at last we understand dusting attacks. 


This is a golden moment, but it is gonna change.  Some smarty like Atomic Wallet will figure out a way to use separate addresses for every altcoin and just consolidate the view.  Then we will only be able to see one compartment of the wallet.   People will change their practices.  Some real private second layer altcoin will cover everything.  

Meanwhile, Etherscan is growing.  We can watch what miners are actually finding blocks. If you are hardcore enough to use it as your own wallet, we can FINALLY block shitcoins like MNE from troubling our pretty head!!  STEP OFF MNE KICK and the rest of yall!!!

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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !
Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !

After decades motorcycling in NYC to work on Fintech and play punk rock, I just woke up to Cryptocurrencies and fell in love like never before! Blogging for the hell of it while learning my way through this awesome, deeply revolutionary evolution in money. Join us while we laugh and flip off the central banks and their currency debasing governments! Stack sats to the Moon, Lambo, don't reck, FUD, FOMO, wild wild west, bless Satoshi!

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