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Gino Bartali, great champion never forgotten, winner of three Giro d'Italia and two Tour de France.

His value, however, transcends the sporting merit. In the last post dedicated to him we recalled how he saved Italy from civil war.
Today's story takes place during WW2, precisely after the German occupation of Italy in the fall of 1943. Bartali, who was known to cover great distances to train, carried false documents in the handlebars and saddle of his bicycle, and then delivered them to Jewish families persecuted by the regime between Florence and Assisi. When he was stopped and searched, he expressly asked that the bicycle not be touched, justifying himself by saying that the different parts of the bike had been carefully calibrated to obtain maximum speed.

The organization to which Gino belonged was discovered and Bartali himself risked his life and had to flee his city to escape arrest by the fascist police.
Hundreds of witnesses confirm that with his action, Bartali contributed to the rescue of 800 people between September 1943 and June 1944.
He was awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Merit in 2005 and was recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem on September 23, 2013.



No one more than he can be called a Hero! He is the one who actually inspired the beginning of Heroes on Bike.
We decided to honor him with a pencil and charcoal artwork, designed by Fraba, the founder of the project.


There will be 50 NFTs of the hero that will be minted and will be distributed in this way:

  • mint #1 will be auctioned starting from 15 WAX
  • mint from #2 to #17 will be dropped for free for the owners of the previous sketch (SERIOUS KRAMER)
  • mint from #18 to #33 dropped for free to the owners of at least 3 promo stickers
  • mint from #34 to #48 sold for 3 WAX for everyone
  • mint from #49 to #50 kept for giveaway and contests


We are very pleased with how things are going through proof of ownership. There will always be the possibility to receive a Heroes on Bike artwork for free, but we decided to reward those who believe in the project by making the FREE DROP progressively more exclusive.

Secondary Market promo listing

Secondary Sarket sketch listing


To stay updated on the drops follow our Twitter and TELEGRAM notification channel


Stay tuned



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