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By Hob | Heroes on Bike | 28 Dec 2021

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The Heroes on Bike project logo represents the great champion of the 1930s and 1940s. There is a reason why he was chosen as the symbol of heroism on the bike.
It's not just a matter of sporting merit, although Gino, despite a war in the middle of his career, won a great deal.
Gino was and remains a symbol of humanity and strength of spirit.
There are two anecdotes that for me symbolize the courage and determination of this man:
The first, during the war Bartali, who was known to cover great distances to train, carried false documents in the handlebars and saddle of his bicycle, and then delivered them to families persecuted by the Nazis between Florence and Assisi. When he was stopped and searched, he expressly asked that the bicycle not be touched, justifying himself by saying that the different parts of the vehicle had been carefully calibrated to obtain maximum speed.
The second, in 1948 at the Tour de France. With a team of "reserves" and more than 20 'disadvantage from the first managed to triumph in Paris. According to many, Bartali's feat helped to divert attention from the assassination attempt on Palmiro Togliatti, then secretary of the Italian Communist Party, an event that had caused great political and social tension in Italy, which risked escalating into civil war. The then President of the Italian Council, Alcide De Gasperi, phoned Bartali to encourage him, asking him for an epic feat that could calm the souls... and so it was.
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