Ferrum Network (FRM stake & earn) Staking 2.0 Recap

Ferrum Network (FRM stake & earn) Staking 2.0 Recap

By henryba | henryba | 22 Feb 2020



Hello everyone, for almost 2 weeks I've been busting your ears with Ferrum Network's "FRM stake and earn" staking program.
The pools having closed their doors on Thursday at 03:00 pm UTC, it's now time to take a look back.

Let’s recap what happened in the past few days:

Rhodium pool: Filled in 15 minutes from release!, community members were actively waiting to take advantage of the rhodium pool with 85% (And over) rewards.

Promethium pool: The reward of this pool was 65% (And more) which has proven to be attractive to the community members as it filled within the first two days of the release.

Palladium pool: This pool was available throughout the 7 days of the staking round and has filled completely on the last day with its 45% (And more) reward structure.

Titanium pool: This pool was also available throughout the 7 days of the staking round and was also filled within minutes from the end with its 25% (And more) rewards.

Total FRM staked in staking 2.0 round: 10,000,000 FRM (approximately 8.66% of the total supply in circulation!)

The program has met with an unexpected level of success as all the pools were filled before the deadline!


​​​​​​​​however, for the latecomers who didn't have the time, or were afraid to stake out their FRMs, there is still hope for you!

​​​​Honest Mining Staking pool has been extended by another 7 days for those who want to take advantage of its 35% rewards 

​​​​you can register on Honest Mining here



​​​​The Honest Mining pool is independent of the " FRM stake and earn " pools, but it is managed by a competent team with a proven track record.
They manage 110 nodes.





Ferrum Network Links:

Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.ferrum.network

YouTube: http://youtube.ferrum.network

Reddit: http://reddit.ferrum.network

Bitcoin Talk: http://bitcointalk.ferrum.network

Facebook: http://facebook.ferrum.network

Instagram: http://instagram.ferrum.network


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