HALO Network Partners With RedrubyDAO To Create A Truly Efficient Philanthropic Service

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 18 Mar 2022

HALO Network’s latest partnership with RedrubyDAO, a platform dedicated to redefining philanthropy using blockchain technology, is in the spotlight. In this piece, we intend to examine this partnership, revealing some of the less known details to readers. 

What Is RedrubyDAO?

This is a platform that’s hoping to revolutionize philanthropy through blockchain technology. RedrubyDAO uses the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) approach towards creating a truly efficient philanthropic service. 

RedrubyDAO, a brainchild of American singer Taylor Swift hopes to rid corruption from philanthropy through the DAO system. It’s a good move that should pave the way for more sincerity of purpose in the philanthropic space. 

With the DAO system, RedrubyDAO is more accountable to donors regarding its operation. As people see the benefits of a more accountable charity organization that carries everyone along on its spending, it’s only a matter of time before other charity organizations evolve or die. 

The philanthropy DAO will also be tapping into the metaverse to spread its reach. That’s another area where a blockchain is needed, which perhaps informs the need for this partnership with HALO Network. 

What Does This Collaboration Mean For HALO Network?

The growing list of public blockchains increases the need for collaborations and partnerships. To meet the more refined demands of users, blockchains need to expand their horizons, which is what HALO Network hopes to achieve with this partnership. 

If the RedrubyDAO has the support and goodwill of celebrities renowned for their philanthropic efforts, a more visible HALO Network is the outcome. The charity organization prides itself as an on-chain philanthropic service, which should translate to a spike in traffic for HALO Network. 

Should RedrubyDAO become a success on this public chain, there’s no doubt that other philanthropy platforms will be willing to embrace the blockchain. 

Why RedrubyDAO Is Partnering With HALO Network

RedrubyDAO has partnered with HALO Network to utilize the public chain’s massive infrastructure. This means the philanthropy platform will enjoy the array of financial gimmicks available on the blockchain. This buds well for its accountability and corruption-free status. 

A decentralized autonomous organization thrives on a blockchain like HALO Network, which is certainly another reason why this partnership is happening. The transparency and accountability of the blockchain is something RedrubyDAO hopes to leverage via this collaboration with HALO Network. 

The strategic partnership between HALO Network and RedrubyDAO is also intended to provide the latter with financial support. The philanthropy platform will get some much-needed liquidity from HALO Network through this partnership. HOSWAP, the blockchain’s main DEX will handle the liquidity provision, ensuring RedrubyDAO gets access to liquidity based on the terms of the agreement. 

RedrubyDAO plans to use the metaverse to push forward its philanthropic service. The partnership with HALO Network can help the DAO achieve that. Considering the public chain’s previous metaverse achievements, this should bear fruits. 

How Critical Is This Partnership For HALO Network?

Partnerships like this one tend to change the fortune of a blockchain. HALO Network is a new public chain that stands to gain a lot from this partnership. It might not be considered critical, but it is equally important. 

With this collaboration, mainstream adoption of HALO Network is only a matter of time. Philanthropy platforms like RedrubyDAO are frequently trafficked as donations flow in towards charitable causes. Since this operates as a DAO, most donors are likely to keep an eye on the transactions of the platform. We expect this interest to flow towards other offerings of the blockchain. 

American singer, Taylor Swift started the RedrubyDAO. The involvement of this global celebrity is bound to amplify interest in the philanthropy platform. All it takes is one tweet from Taylor, and her fans will come calling. RedrubyDAO partners, including HALO Network will benefit from the spike in activity of the charity organization. 

The philanthropy platform hopes to use the metaverse in supporting charitable causes worldwide. This is one area where HALO Network can make a difference. A RedrubyDAO metaverse supported by HALO Network will get the public chain some traction. The blockchain can deliver – its impact on Cosmic and NebuDAO are still visible for the world to see. 


The partnership between HALO Network and RedrubyDAO is expected to hold lots of benefits for both parties. A collaboration between a public chain and a philanthropy DAO isn’t a common sight, but it can be the cornerstone of things to come. 

The partnership announcement between HALO Network and RedrubyDAO has received mixed reactions from the public. Time will tell if both parties have the last laugh.

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