By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 5 Apr 2021

Different folks, Different luck,

walk these street heads up,

We must stop ourselves from drowning,

a lifejacket keeps our head above water,

The hurdles of life,

So many rivers to cross.

The keys to a Gate of Bills,

micro ideas, large funds,

Time waits on no man,

Soar, Go hard.

Sitting ducks bye, bye,

Don't even quack an Hi.

Having money is not rich,

Rich is the affordability of giving away,

Having enough to give away,

simply means I am punching above my weight,

We are the champion,

Mike Tyson.. Heavyweight.

Paving roads of success,

The jewelries & Chains,

Only our conscience shall set us free,

Our eyes the reflection,

An autobiography tells the story.

Marching Bands for the reception.


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easy going, down to earth & kind.


A humble guy just living day by day. These are the poems of life express by my feelings. It would be greatly appreciated If my poems inspire anyone to please like & share; a gratuity will be kindly accepted as well. All poems can be found @ vocal. Media. Links are provided in all poems.

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