By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 28 Mar 2021

How can I breathe without you?

when without you there is no air.

hand me a comb,

let me comb your hair,

she giggles when I say I love You and nibble on her ear.

So beautiful she let the mosquitos sing,

everyone claps,

knocking spoon on wine glass. cling.

Sometimes I stare at my phone hoping it rings,

She loves it when We kiss through the phone,

a reminder each time why she put on the ring.

she's drop dead gorgeous,

hence I say Beautiful girls are suicidal.

honor the rules of love but never can stand the mother in law,

No Drama or Soap Opera,

Let's stay romantic,

so Bold & Beautiful.

The hurdles we jump,

The Days Of our Lives.

Loving her with a Passion..


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