By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 19 Apr 2021

Images of these beautiful & curving ladies,

They make men dumb

Some can't act right,

Help.. Speechless.

Can't say a word.

When looking all I want is a touch,

enlighten there life,100 watts,

Baby shine bright.

Rock my world,

All phones take snapshot,

out on dates ,

baby pose on the droptop.

These Sexy girls,

walking dynamites

Handle with care,


Baby take the key,

body so sexy its major,

could never be minor.

Sexy girls come in the Mercedes Benz,

your crew & my best friend,

Sexy girl do follow,

Come along like followers on Twitter,

sex ladies Twerk or Tic Tok,

your call.

Calling all sexy ladies,

near & far just understand,

No mix signal.

No miscommunication

Social media friendly,

Facebook likes.

Sexy ladies come along,

the palm tree shady,


Lockdown.. You & I,

palm tree in hand,

My home address

Visit the link,

www. Moan & Scream. Com

only a great time.

Just Relax & Clear your mind.


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