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Healing your broken heart

By Gene_ | Heal-Your-Heart | 7 May 2022

Broken? Feels like you've been used? Still love ex? this is for you

Take your time to heal.don't drag people into that mess,the mess that somebody else involved you in. You might just create a continuation of a broken cycle. let it stop with you please,i know it's difficult and you think taking someone else to help you heal will help you heal faster, trust me it's not healthy for the other person nor for you,don't move on if you're not over them, take time to find yourself again

We all don't ever expect the people we love to hurt us,and as humans there is no way they won't hurt you,perks of being human... The hurt that the other person inflicted on you might feel unforgivable, but you choosing to inflict it on another person because you feel like moving on with someone else will speed it up..makes you no different from the person that hurt you,so honey break that cycle heal and find yourself and pick yourself up again...

love yourself again so that you'll be able to love again and correctly😊❤️

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I love getting to know people and finding friends with the same interest


Understanding that healing yourself first is very important and healthier then involving someone😌

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