Javvy: Secure Crypto Wallet
Javvy: Secure Crypto Wallet

By sagu13 | Hayata Dair Ne Varsa | 24 Mar 2019

Javvy is among the crypto coins that will show in time that it is a very important project. Javvy is a crypto money that wants to enter the crypto world using the slogan "Ultimate Crypto Wallet Javvy". Using Blockchain technology, Javvy tried to make people do many things easily.

With Javvy you need to register at the beginning of the system and record your data safely. You can easily access the system at any time thanks to the special key codes that are given to you within the saved data.

Javvy is a secure, comprehensive crypto wallet with built-in decentralized crypto exchange aggregator solution (not web-based) that will support all expected operations for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens. Javvy will earn revenue from the tried-and-true method of fees on buy/sell transactions, conversion fees, KYC/AML/Accreditation verification services, international debit card fees, and merchant settlement fees.

Cryptocurrency, a form of digital decentralized currency, was first introduced in 2009 and is becoming increasingly more popular. Users are able to maintain control of their cryptocurrency funds without the need of a traditional financial institution. But, there are challenges. Registering with existing crypto exchanges can be tedious and time-consuming. Current crypto exchanges either limit users to extremely low limits or force users to submit an intrusive and alarming amount of identity verification documents to unproven websites. For reasonable limits, the identity verification process could take weeks or months to complete.

Existing web-based wallets and exchanges are riddled with security gaps and some have been hacked on numerous, documented occasions. In July 2017, Fortune.com released an article that detailed the hack of cryptocurrency trading platform CoinDash. During the company’s initial token offering being sold in exchange for the cryptocurrency Ethereum, hackers disrupted the sale and changed the address for sending investments to an address they controlled. The hackers managed to steal over $7 million worth of Ethereum before the company was forced to take emergency actions and stop the sale. Also, according to Yonhap News, hackers hit Bithumb, compromising over 30,000 of the exchanges’ customer accounts.

 “With registration roadblocks and security issues, to achieve real mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, the marketplace requires an intuitive solution that combines all the expected features including buying, selling, sending, receiving, managing, and using within a secure, comprehensive solution,” says Brandon Elliott, CEO of Javvy Technologies. “The process should be very simple, safe, and secure, so that customers can easily and comfortably start using cryptocurrency. Javvy provides that solution.” 

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach, Javvy learns the regulatory requirements of each country in advance and only requires the documentation needed for compliance in the user’s country of Citizenship. The company has streamlined the entire registration process and provides rapid identity verification, when needed, so that users can get started with cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Always with an eye on security, Javvy doesn’t require customers to store their private keys, banking information, or balances on their server or the cloud; leaving nothing for hackers to steal.

To learn more about the cryptocurrency solution, visit Javvy.com. who wish to explore supporting Javvy’s vision to empower everyone with the comprehensive ability to buy, sell, convert, use and manage all the major cryptocurrencies in a single, secure wallet, then please visit the company’s profile on Fundable.


About Javvy Technologies

The Javvy Technologies crypto solution is an all-in-one, comprehensive wallet with integrated national currency exchange. Javvy excels with superior wallet features, rapid ID verification for buying & selling, and wider support of currencies than any similar exchange or wallet service. For more information, visit Javvy.com.

Many crypto projects claim to be bringing crypto to the mainstream, but every one of them have failed to address all of the issues sufficiently. The Javvy team came together to share its knowledge and experience, leading to the realization that users do not need to know about crypto exchanges. What they do need is secure storage, secure access, and an easy way to buy and sell all major cryptocurrencies along with popular tokens in one comprehensive application that “just works.”

In order to make the process of buying crypto faster and easier, the Javvy team has made great strides to address regulation roadblocks and exchange dilemmas that have plagued other providers. Javvy’s regulation-centric approach requires registration only when buying or selling crypto, or when using their Javvy international debit card. Send, receive, and convert operations require no registration. With each person’s security in mind, no user’s private information will be stored on Javvy servers, leaving “nothing for hackers to steal.” Additionally, Javvy’s exchange nurtures a fully-functional crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversion; not just a tethered coin, but a real solution to buy and sell using national currencies.

In a world where many businesses fall short of the customer satisfaction mark, Javvy management aims to provide the best user experience possible. Users will have access to easy-to-read support documentation as well as live support on the Javvy website, by phone, or directly from the app. The dedicated men and women that make up the Javvy support team are trained to translate the complex language of crypto into layman’s terms to further facilitate mass adoption.

The Javvy (JVY) token will be used by the wallet for buy and sell transactions, which will act as an intermediary layer (patent pending). It will be immediately converted to avoid volatility, but will effectively reduce cryptocurrency reserve requirements, allowing for the easy addition of new coins and tokens supported by the Javvy wallet. The successful launch of Javvy will serve to further the development of the wallet, advanced features, national currency reserves, salaries, and marketing.

Information about Javvy Token

Token Type: ERC-20

Crypto Money Symbol: JVY

Total Crypto Money Amount: 333.333.333 JVY

Price: 0.0004 ETH / JVY Price:

JVY per ETH: 2500 pcs JVY / ETH

Soft Cap (ETH): 1000 Ethereum

Hard Cap (USD): 8MM USD

Javvy campaign link: https://beta.bounty0x.io/bounties/1459492

bounty0x.io Username: @sagu

bounty0x.io Reference: https://beta.bounty0x.io/register?referral=4dc192


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