Complete Sleep Is A Must: 7-8Hrs

Complete Sleep Is A Must: 7-8Hrs

By Eybyoung | Eybyoung personal blogs | 5 Aug 2021

Recently I've been lacking enough sleep, I should sleep 7-8 hours but you know due to this “crypto addiction” I cannot sleep early, I slept 12midnight or more, and not just that if I watch series movies I cannot help it, I watch until morning. I am depriving myself to sleep which is bad. But I am trying my best to cope up with sleep now, that is why I don't do the same things in crypto as before.


Why sleeping 7-8hrs is a must?

Last two weeks I got sick, but I endure and I don't take any medicine. Whenever I felt tired and sick I just tried my best to rest as much as possible.

Back to the main topic, sleeping early can give a lot of benefits to us.

What are those benefits?...

To avoid getting sick often

Sleeping late can lead to some illnesses because our body cells need to regenerate as well. If we cannot get enough sleep our body organs cannot function well, cells regeneration time is 10 PM-3 AM only no matter how long you sleep outside that bracket your cells will not regenerate anymore.

I am fully aware of these things but I am hard-headed and still sleeping late, but if I felt terrible I just sleep early and after completing 8hrs sleep, I'll be fine after that.

Stay at a healthy weight

Having enough sleep can help you achieve the right weight, some said staying late can make people fatter. But I think it still depends on your diet and exercise. 

People who sleep well are more healthy and their weight is healthier than those people who are always deprived of sleep.


Can help lower the risk of some serious problems like heart disease and diabetes

Sleeping early and completing at least 7-8hrs sleep can help us with serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

If we have enough sleep our body organs can rest as well and when they are not overworked they can function well and avoid the risk of serious problems.

It can improve our mood and reduces stress

Just observe a grumpy person, it's because tare always lacking lack sleep. They are easily irritated over small things, they always have mood swings or hot-tempered as they are lacking enough rest.

Sleeping early and at least 7-8 hrs can also help us reduce our stress, as long as we have enough sleep our thinking is also healthy and we can handle our stress lightly.

I was like this when I lack sleep, I am always grumpy and get irritated easily.

A healthy way of thinking and do good at school or work

If we have enough rest our thinking as I said is way better than those grumpy people who lack sleep. Our brain can function well, we can absorb things easily if we are studying or we are doing good with our job as we perform our task well because we can think clearly of what we do.

People who lack sleep cannot think clearly of solutions if ever they encounter pressure or problems because their thinking is in mess.

Can get along better with people

When we have enough rest we have the right mood and right thinking, we can respond to other people in the right manner which we can get along with others easily or better. People who are grumpy are bad at communication, as they are irritated for some invalid reasons.

Can make good decisions and avoid an accident

People who usually got into vehicular accidents are mostly those who got Influence by alcohol or because they were too sleepy, that they cannot drive carefully.

When people have enough sleep they can avoid serious accidents as they are more focused on what they do.

We can also make good decisions when we are in our right state of mind and we can only attain that when we have enough rest and we are not into stress.

Closing Thoughts

This why complete sleep or rest is a must, our body organs need rest too. They cannot function well and our immune system gets weaker when we don't have enough rest as our body organs cannot work well, when they cannot work well they cannot fight back to harmful viruses, bacterial infection, and anything that can cause us illness.

This is why I am trying my best to cope up with my body, to let it rest early. You know it does not make us healthy only but it can also help us stay younger looking as our cells are blooming and not lousy or overused lol.

Thanks for reading!

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Eybyoung personal blogs
Eybyoung personal blogs

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