Installing the Gravity Language
Installing the Gravity Language with a Random Move Cursor in the Image...

Installing the Gravity Language

By Hatty Hacker | Hatty Hacking | 23 Mar 2021

Yes Doc, it's getting heavy...

Gravity is a neat little language. It's embeddable like TCL but purdy like Swift and Kotlin. It's small, efficient, yet powerful. The idea is that you can use a Swift-like lang in the embedded world because... it's a pain in the ASM to C such limited options on those environments. Yes, there's micro-python, but they follow Python's code of conduct which (like FreeBSD) disavows virtual *hugs*. That's no good. I wants me some virtual hugs. I needs hugs. I'm lonely. I'm depressed. I'm sharing too much info right now...

All lame jokes aside, Gravity is no joke. It's what keeps us on this planet. It's been used for cross-platform Android and iOS applications. I mean, yeah, duh, sure... it can be used there if you want but somebody actually went and did it. That's the power of embedding a language within C. It can run anywhere. Gravity has a simple build process with minimal dependencies (i.e. stdlib). Sexy. I like the minimaliste. I like the clean. The benefit of it right now: it's small, clean, and concise. The logo reflects that. Good artistic juxtaposition: the name's meaning vs the lang being lightweight and all. I loves me sum good irony.

The Gravity Logo

It was "developed from scratch for the Creo project" so it is not just a hobby concept (think MinocaOS). Sucks that it's created for proprietary purposes, but hey at least it's open-source! It was birthed as a specific focus for addressing a specific problem. It also explains the Swift-like syntax. I'm more of a Kotlin person but in all honesty C and x64 ASM are pretty durn hawt to me. The Classical languages are always the best (Latin, anyone?). The Gravity install is too easy. Way too... EASY. Especially considering what it was built for. All you need are three commands and some dependencies. Optional: git. Required: C compiler, linker, assembler, and some make utility (default with gmake or just convert it over to bash or your native platform). Essentially GCC, LD, and GAS (not the kind that comes out of you). Now, pay attention double-o zero:

git clone  # Optional, can also unzip here
cd gravity


Ya get that? Check again to make sure you didn't miss anything. Yup, simple! No need for complex ANT and Gradle crap, .yml and other config files. Heck, you could probably get away building it without make if you tried. That's tight. I'll take 2! On my Razer Blade Stealth from 2017 it built fast. That's in the video. On my Raspberry Pi 2B... from 10:05 until 10:06. AM to AM. The same day. Around 1-2mins for the whole build time. Not even the ridiculous length mentioned in the video. That was due to my terrible typing skills. Less than 15 seconds on my Razer laptop. The lack of bloat and the embeddable nature make it very fast. I can't get over the irony that a lang called "Gravity" is one of the most lightweight things I've seen in quite a while. There are a vast array of options supported. A 452KB file. NOT MB. KB. Kilo, not Mega. Amazing. I've only just started but it seems very promising. Yeah, it's no Nim or whatever, but it beats TCL-ing oneself to death. The only downside: no "make install" but seriously... just include it in your $PATH.

I'll look at it on Minoca and Haiku as well. 'Tis also fairly small so I can look at it to get ideas for me own compiler (not really, it has that notorious copyright symbol). While it takes some work, it doesn't take much. At least at this point, with v0.8.0. Or is it 0.8.1? The variation between the site and GitHub corn-fuse me. In the nature of the lang and it's build time, I'll keep this article short and sweet. So, as it turns out Doc, it's not getting heavy. It's getting light, making it for sure "1.21 Jigawatts of excitement!" Yes, misspelt to emphasize the pronunciation. And that's why the video stake has 1.21 LBC on it initially. Woah indeed, Bill-and-Ted version of Marty on street drugs. Woah indeed.



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