We have increased our average wage in the Czech Republic

We have increased our average wage in the Czech Republic

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 9 Mar 2019

The average weight of these two men is 176kg.
The average wage in CR is 33 840 CZK(1500$)....






Germany will raise the minimum wage to 238 CZK / hour

The Czech Republic has a minimum wage of 73CZK / hour



I live in a village I have 25,300 and I feel so average rich

Where they went wrong?

chudý - poor , bohatý - rich (moment teach czech ;)

How is it possible? :-D :-D

And what's going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUNNY and HATE next see you later 

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Hi I'm a crypto fan, Living in Czech Republic

Hate and funny
Hate and funny

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