Garden Trash 2

Garden Trash 2

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 16 Jul 2019

Hi growers,
today I add photos that are from 15.7.

For comparison, you can open the first article where the flowers are photographed 10.7. -


A short description of what happened in 5 days:

Around the White widow built Kari net.

The Ak47 origins are very branching and I had to punch (I'll be back today) because Lemon doesn't have much space there.

Sweet cheesee will probably also have a problem with the space, so I would like him to start blooming as soon as possible. But I think he still has 3 weeks of growth.

And now photos

WW 15.7.


AK47 15.7.




Sweet skunk 15.7.




See you next time soon


I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)

Thank you for the coments and possibly a little donate for a new technique for taking pictures.

Trx adress - TFjtdqQ11uYWXf1uDUqzjZJf4hpzid8KRM




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Hate and funny
Hate and funny

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