Harvest.Finance Marketing Contest — Part 1 — Announcement

By Farmer Chad | | 14 Jan 2021

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2021- the Year of the Metal Ox — is upon us, and it’s time to re-evaluate how the message of Harvest Finance is being delivered.

Yield farming has exploded in popularity over the last few months, but despite this, it’s still a relatively small niche in the wider cryptosphere. The concepts and processes that enable high APYs are complex and murky, so it’s not always easy for newcomers (or even old-hands) to understand what’s going on.

To help with our goal of making yield farming easy and accessible, we are asking our community to come up with a range of marketing materials that will help explain in a clear and concise manner how Harvest Finance works.

We value creativity, clarity and quality!

Things we are particularly interested in are:

Explainer Videos — short videos that explain how Harvest works and why it is an important piece of the defi puzzle.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Noob tutorials explaining how to interact with the site , how to deposit , what is APY/APR etc.
  • What is Harvest Finance
  • Why farm at Harvest Finance?

Gabriel Haines put out a nice video a few months ago, but now it’s a little outdated (defi moves fast), so we need something fresh.

Infographics + Visuals — visual explanations of different process

Things we would like to see:

  • Explanations for the main features of Harvest
  • How profit share works (inc. compounding explanation)
  • How different strategies work
  • How emissions work
  • Timelock feature
  • DoHardWork
  • P/E ratio (with comparison where applicable to other projects?)

Here are some previous infographics created by humble farmers. Pretty slick — but can you do better?

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Gabriel Haines strikes again!

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Nice one Grimbles!

The creation of top-notch informative material forms Part 1 of the marketing contest. Once this stage has concluded, we will run Part 2, which involves spreading the knowledge to all corners of the cryptosphere!📣

We welcome and encourage organic marketing efforts spearheaded by our community of hard-working yield farmers. So if you have solid defi knowledge, understand how Harvest works, and can communicate this effectively, you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Part 1 Prizes (paid in FARM tokens)


Best Video — $600

2nd — $500

3rd — $400

4th-5th — $300

6th-10th — $150

TOTAL — $2850

Best Infographic — $400

2nd — $350

3rd — $300

4th-5th — $250

6–10th — $200

11–20th — $100

TOTAL — $3550


Deadline for Submissions — Thursday 04.02.2021


How to Enter?

Simply post a link to your entry on Twitter, using the hashtag #harvestinfo AND tag @harvest_finance@harvestfi

If you have any questions, or perhaps are looking for someone to help with design aspects, then we recommend visiting the Harvest Discord, asking around, and maybe even teaming up with farmers who can compliment your skillset. It’s a very friendly place, with lots of big brains🧠and creative individuals👩‍🎨lurking.

We’re looking forward to seeing what y’all come up with!

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