Harvest Finance Marketing Contest Part 2 — Outreach, Memes + More

By Farmer Chad | | 14 Feb 2021

The Second Part of Harvest Finance’s marketing contest is upon us! This time we are focusing on outreach and spreading the message of Harvest far and wide.


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Over the last few weeks the community of humble farmers has produced a few nice looking videos and infographics that help explain what Harvest Finance is all about (see Winners of Part 1).

But now we want to share this knowledge, and will be awarding prizes for the best Twitter marketers and shillanthropists. So you have to be able to consistently and effectively push the narrative of Harvest Finance being the best yield aggregator and draw attention to its key value propositions.

How can you do this? Well, this is really up to you — any strategy goes — but it could involve:

  • Crafting some great tweets — explain in 250 characters why Harvest is worth looking, or draw attention to all the developments that are happening, or simply show the gains on your $FARM in the Profit Share

  • Get involved in defi discussions, and make them relevant to Harvest. You can guarantee plenty of daily discussions on Twitter around #defi, so find which of your favourite influencers are talking about topics relevant to Harvest and drop an insightful comment, well placed infographic or compelling piece of data (see the Stats Dashboard) to spread the good word.

  • Blogging — many of our humble farmers are active participants in communities like medium, Publish0x, Leo Finance, Cent, etc. Maybe you want to put together a short but informative post and encourage readers to continue the conversation in the comments ?

  • Videos — whether it be by streaming or creating videos we are sure we have some creative farmers that can find new ways to reach an audience through content creation.


  • Get creative — find a new way to reach out or a new medium by which to bring new farmers to Harvest Finance

Make sure you post a link of your Tweet or comment in the ‘Voice of the People’ channel on our Discord server. The most active voices will be rewarded, based on the quality and reach of their Twitter interactions. For example, get a re-tweet from an influencer or a well-liked response on a trending topic, and this will be looked upon very favourably…

There is no limit to how many tweets you want to put out, but do make sure to record it in the ‘Voice of the People’ channel in Harvest’s Discord server so we can track the activity of all of our farmers!


Best Tweeter — $500

2nd Place — $400

3rd Place — $300

4th Place — $200

5th Place — $150

6–10th Place- $100

WARNING: It is fairly easy to spot if you have simply bought a lot of likes for a post — don’t be tempted, it is un-Chadly and you will be disqualified!


But wait — that’s not the only way to get involved! We’re also having a meme/creativity contest to enhance awareness of Harvest.

So put on your thinking hats and bring joy to people’s lives by inserting Farmer Chad and his collective of humble farmers into the dankest memes and mind-blowing artwork.

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Anything farming-related goes, but it would be great to see some memes / artwork / videos / songs (or anything else creative) on some of these topics:

  • Harvest Finance’s absurdly good metrics
  • The abundance of new strategies
  • Project developments — ‘Wen BSC (Binance Smart Chain)?’, Wen Strategy Splitter?’, ‘Wen iFARM?’
  • Gas savings + High APYS
  • Price action — ‘Wen $420?’

We will be awarding plenty of prizes for the best work. For inspiration, check out previous memes and creativity contest winners. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination — if it’s dank, humorous and artistic, while being a good advert for Harvest Finance, you’re in with a chance!


1st Place — $500

2nd Place — $450

3rd Place — $400

4th Place — $300

5th Place — $300

6th -10th Place — $200

11th-20th — $100


How to Enter?

Tag your entries as #HarvestMeme + @harvestfinance + @harvestfi to take part.

To make sure they get spotted also drop them into the ‘Memepool’ channel in Discord.


The deadline for entries is Sunday 28th February, 13:00 (UTC).

Winners will be announced shortly afterwards.


Meme Masters — Here’s a template of Farmer Chad to get you started:

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