Announcing Harvest.Finance Creativity Contest ROUND 2 + bonus Web Design Contest

By Farmer Chad | | 12 Oct 2020


Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we received last time we are pleased to announce the Harvest Finance Creativity contest will continue with Round 3. 


Feeling spooky?   Thanks EliLau89 for the wonderful illustration!


What started as a simple meme contest has grown and evolved into something truly remarkable. 


We asked for you to share your creativity and our community of humble farmers amazed us with your creativity and talent. Thank you to everyone who participated in the first contest, we had a blast going through all the submissions and it was extremely difficult to choose only 50 winners. That's why we are continuing the contest and rewarding our community with another $13,000 (!) in prize money in the form of those highly valued FARM tokens.  


In the last contest we saw everything from rapping farmers to poets, painters, authors, song writers ... just about anything you can imagine.



How about this rather wonderful cosmic-farmer wallpaper from History0x


It will be hard to top the creativity that was displayed last time, but we have faith that our community of humble farmers will come up with some new and interesting ideas. Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the contest - the more creativity the better. 


Since it's October you could always draw some inspiration from the season of harvesting, and of course,  Halloween. Share your spooky ghost stories from the farm, your Harvest inspired jack-o-lantern art, or even your Chad costume for trick ‘n treating. We're looking for effort, imagination and execution, so the farmers that show that most will be once again handsomely rewarded.


In the spirit of providing Bread For the People, here are the prizes:


1st Place - $1,500 in FARM tokens

2nd Place -  $1,200 in FARM tokens

3rd Place - $800 in FARM tokens

4th and 5th place - $600 in FARM tokens

6th through 10th - $450 in FARM tokens

11th through 20th - $300 in FARM tokens

and 21st through 50th place all receive $100 in FARM tokens.


The rules for the creativity contest round three will remain the same.  To enter, post your entry on Twitter, tagging @Harvest_finance + #BreadForThePeople + #defi



But wait - that is not all!  We will also be sponsoring a separate contest for all you technically-savvy farmers.


Harvest.Finance is looking for some website design / UI inspiration to see things from a different perspective. If you have a good idea about how Harvest could redesign the style, brand, or overall user interface - submit it to us for a chance to win even more FARM ! 


Y'all did an amazing job helping us design our fASSET logos, so now put that same ingenuity to use in helping us redesign our website to bring a better experience to our farmers.



Here are the prizes for the web design contest :


1st Place - $1,500 in FARM tokens

2nd Place -  $1,200 in FARM tokens

3rd Place - $800 in FARM tokens

4th and 5th place - $600 in FARM tokens

6th through 10th - $450 in FARM tokens


To enter the Web Design contest, post your entry on Twitter, tagging @Harvest_finance + #HarvestDesign + #defi



Submissions for both contests close 1pm UTC on Wednesday, October 28th

At that time the team will dive into all the submissions and pick the 50 winners (+10 from the web design contest).  

The Harvest Finance team will select the final winners based on overall creativity and effort - so do something different and fresh to catch their attention.

Winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th and prizes will be distributed over the weekend.

Please join us in the Discord server if you have any questions or suggestions and to share your creations with our community. There you can also submit your memes, art, videos, songs, articles or whatever else you guys can think of in the Farm-Arts channel. 

We have an amazing community so we are really looking forward to seeing what our farmers come up with.



To see the current price and metrics of the FARM token, see

Harvest Finance Website 

Harvest Finance Discord

Harvest Finance Twitter

Harvest Finance Medium

Harvest Finance Wiki

Harvest Finance Reddit


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