Tezos Staking: time to switch to another baker

I explained in depth how to properly chose your Tezos baker in a both an article and a video.

The baker I delegated my funds to is Tezmania.
But recently, they've been raising their fees, twice in a short amount of time!

So it's time to pick another baker and I decided to give Steak and Bake a try:
9cdfd7bff447e61a43def20113cc2c619b854f350d17c755d5fcfa8dd7f23ad8.pngTheir free space is not big so I hope everything will go smoothly.

I've come across a bug with Ledger Live though: it is as if I had twice the amount of XTZ before I switched to another baker!
Now my displayed portfolio value is really meaningless because it's shown as if I had more XTZ before and now showing it back to the original value...
This is just a display issue but I hope Ledger will fix this :) 


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