Happy Crypto Family: NFT Project UPDATE

Hello Crypto Friends!

A few days ago we released a new collection in the world of NFTs. Our collection is named Happy Crypto Family, and it's all about in the world of cryptocurrencies, with cheerful drawings designed by hand that depict our beloved cryptocurrencies.

We are in love with digital drawing and designing, so we didn't have any other choice than to illustrate something extraordinary that every cryptocurrency reader admires.

We received quite good comments and we are really proud of this. Υou will be surprised when you see the next cards. We are in the belief that you will love them

The Happy Crypto Family NFT project

Τhis series will initially present the most popular cryptocryptocurrencies, and inevitably at some point your beloved smaller cap gem crypto. Also there are plans for special cards, like some special events in crypto world and the illustration of the most popular founders of crypto projects and the most influential people in that industry.

Every few days, we will be publishing which crypto cards of our collection will be released. You will be informed in-depth about them and be eligible to trade them with your crypto friends.

Mr Bitcoin NFT

We are starting our collection with Mr. Bitcoin.



All the cards will be distributed through giveaways.

The giveaway for the Mr. Bitcoin NFT will expire on Wednesday, April 7 19:00 UTC and you still have a few days to take part.

There are only a few more spots for the giveaway available.

  • Write down your WAX wallet address in the comments below
Read here the original giveaway:

Happy Crypto Family: NFT Project Announcement [NFT GIVEAWAY]

Next NFT Card

Can you guess the next NFT of our collection to be released? It's all time favorite crypto on Publish0x.

Comment below what illustrated crypto you want to see next. And don't forger to collect them for free!

Expect many updates soon! Stay connected.



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Happy Crypto Family NFT
Happy Crypto Family NFT

Happy Crypto Family NFT

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