Hapkido Dan Jon Ki Beathing

Hapkido Dan Jon Ki Beathing

Dan Jon breathing is unique to the art of Hapkido. Many Martial Arts that are not traditional Martial Arts use breathing exercises that are similar to Dan Jon breathing.  These exercises should not be mistaken for the traditional Dan Jon breathing exercises of Hapkido. The exercises that follow are the traditional breathing exercises of Hapkido


When humans are born the first requirement is to breath. Without breathing there will be no life.  There are three very importanta requirements fo all human beings.  The first is air the second is water and the third is light.  God has given these things to all humans and without them life will cease.  Without light or water life can continue for days but without air life can last only several minutes.

Healthy people take a new breath every two or three seconds whilel those that are old or unhealthy must breath more ofter to get enough air.  From one's breathing their state of health can be understood.  By improving ones breathing using Dan Jon breathinga person can increase their physical and mental health.  Dan Jon breathing exercises are specialized breathing exercises that have been taught for many years.  Very simply stated, Dan Jon breathing means" abdominal breathing".

Why is Dan Jon breathing important in Hapkido?  Because it is a source of great inner power.  We call this inner power KI".


So  What is Ki? In most martial arts the name has meaning. Karate for example, means" empty hand"" and Taekwondo means "kicking and punching". Hapkido means the way of power in harmony". This means that physical mental power are united.


In Hapkido, physical power is called" wae ki" while mental power is called "nae Ki", Hapkido means that nae Ki and Wae Ki are joined toghter as on most people believe that wae Ki is that most important and practice this more that nae Ki.  In doing so thay lose the balance of Ki and become unhealthy and weak.  The maintain good mental and physical healthy one must maintain the balance between nae Ki and wae Ki.


How can a person maintain the balance between Nae Ki and Wae KI?  What are nae Ki and Wae Ki?  How can a person develop, maintain and use wae Ki and nae Ki? I will answer these questions now.  Wae Ki means outer power.  Outer power means that it can be seen.  Most people look different and have different amounts of strength. Usually, heavy people are stronger that lighter people while lighter people are usually faster than those who are heavier.  Wae Ki is seen when a person walks, runs, Jumps, lifts and pushes.  All of these things are called wae Ki. Wae Ki can be seen and measured. 


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Daniel Pinkowski

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