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List of Bitcoin Savings Accounts With high APYs

By Ham | Passive Money Machine | 20 Feb 2021

Lots of us HODL Bitcoin, but few of us actually make our satoshis work for us. Before you are the most reputable, safe and reliable services that can not only generate wealth upon your BTC, but are flexible when it comes to withdrawals and deposits!

But you must be wondering: Why not deposit FIAT into the bank, and earn annual interest without hassling with Cryptocurrencies?

This is a valid question, and many people are hesitant when it comes to this topic. First of all, the banks' APY rates ludicrously low, some even bottoming as low as 0.08%.

Secondly, the money you hand over to the bank for investment and accruing interest is locked-up, meaning once you sign off on it, you can never bank on it by any means possible, until the agreed-upon period has expired. Therefore, accruing interest upon your Fiat money is a waste of time, and the money you do earn does not justify the time you've been waiting so long for.

With the list of Bitcoin savings account services I am about to bring before you, they counter all the disadvantages traditional banks, condescendingly presenting it as 'services' for the customer, offer their user base.

(Click the header titles to go to each website) - %4.08 APY

Probably the most established website with a spotless track record on our list is Though the name of it might sound shady to you (I know it did for me) This website ranks amongst the highest in its class in the Alexa ranking, with a user base of 41 million and growing. This website is just as legit as the website you are reading this article from!

Interest is credited everyday with a whopping annual interest of %4.08 on a balance as low as 0.0003 BTC! As well, there is no lock-in period to the funds themselves, you can withdraw ANYTIME you wish, be it the same hour you earn your interest, or next year, when BTC (hopefully!) has hit another ATH of $100,000

Not bad, huh? Buckle up, there's still three more left!

Cointiply - %5 APY

Next up, the second most reputable website in its space, offering a whopping rate of %5 APY, credited on a weekly basis. This website provides the best-in-class rates possible, with no lock-in period as usual. The biggest advantage to this website is that it provides withdrawals with zero transaction fees, or any kind of fees for that matter.

I don't know about you guys, but this is definitely making me more excited to earn passive income while I sleep.

BlockFi - %3.2 APY

Next up, BlockFi. Not only does this website provide interest, but it also provides lending services. Not a whole lot to discuss regarding this website, other than be wary that the withdrawal requirement are very high, reaching almost 0.001 in BTC. - %8 APY

Last but not least, Nexo makes an epic entrance with an astronomical yield of %8 APY, beating the big players on the list. Equipped with the ability to withdraw and deposit anytime on-demand.

But Ham, which service do you suggest?

Well, speaking from 2 years  in experience dabbling and tinkering in every conceivable website out there, I have come to the conclusion that is the best bang for your buck!

The other ones, despite having a slightly higher yield, just can't come close to's elegance, low-low requirements to start earning and the top-notch support they offer, in addition to all the other features and opportunities they provide to make you earn more along with your interest!

Thank you, everyone. And have a good night!

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