Shared Masternode Test

Shared Masternode Test


I heard talking for a long period of the masternodes and I wanted to test with a low investment a shared masternode.


I chose Stakecube because I was using this site for small faucets and I saw availability on the Dash shared masternodes.


The investment was 0.25 Dash only for one share ($ 80 when I bought, but $ 96 now).

A full Masternode corresponds to 1000 dash, so you have 1/4000° sharing.




The income of a complete Masternode is 1.51864022 (varies a little) every 8 days.

You can follow it on Coinexplorer, here is the link of my shared masternode.




Income is completely redistributed I checked the calculation, and represents a gain of about 6.93% per year.




As you see on the image above, there is also a gain of interest every day, including for the amount invested in the shared masternode.




If you add up the gain of the shared masternode (6.93%) and interests (7.57%) you get 14.5% per year, which is pretty good.


Depot fees are zero, and withdrawal costs also for most cryptocurrencies , see here.


The main drawback is that you can't withdraw quickly, you must wait up to 24h:




If you are interested in making your experience you can join me with this link:


There are other investment opportunities on this site that I will detail later.

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