AlienWorlds Teleport last news (Q/A)

AlienWorlds Teleport last news (Q/A)


Here are the last news from discord about Alienworlds Teleport:

(transferring your TLM from WAX blockchain to Binance smartchain)


(1) How can we transfer our TLM to binance?

(2) When will teleport go live?
A: 13th

(3) What time on the 13th will Teleport go live?
A: We don't know exactly

(4) Will we be able to transfer TLM to binance at 1:1 ratio?
A: Yes

(5) What is the minimum TLM transfer?
A: 100

(6) Will there be fees?
A: Ye super low ones, you need some bnb to cover these, last known numbers were 0.12$ for transaction and 0.48$ for claiming

(7) Where should the BNB be?
A: In Metamask



Walkthrough here



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