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Yet another post about Brave.

By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 9 Apr 2020

From the perspective of a Grumpy Brit

General thoughts.

We all know our data is the new oil, I've never understood how others can make money from your data with out paying you for said data.  It is your data after all.

So, what brave is doing, helping you control, even if it is a small amount of control is fantastic and worth shouting from the roof tops.   

Adding Presearch to brave increases your control just a little bit more.  I've had no problems with the browser or any extensions.

The trouble with ads.

Ads, who the fuck likes ads? well, I do when I'm getting paid to view them, I say view them, you get to see a notification pop-up, that's it.  You don't have to click on it or anything.  Just make sure in Windows 10 you have notifications turned on for Brave.

You can set how many ads you receive per hour, from 1 - 5 or off.  Brave in it's self is fantastic at block ads.

This is were all the praise for the browser stops.  The payment system is a cluster fuck.  Ads you have had are estimated, even though there is a counter telling you how many you have received it cannot be an estimate if you know how many you have had.3143414223-b0300ecb405e7a5f03b55d40d7188ce1dc819374070b4a04a7d72e5d22501556.jpeg  

To get the B.A.T you have accumulated over the month, you will need to have a verified Uphold wallet.  This as to be one of the worst wallets I've come across in my opinion.  You can only connect 3 browsers to one account.  Doesn't tell you anywhere about this, it's just one of those nuggets you stumble on.  Pay out day is the 5th but mine says the 6th but can be up to the 10th (only found out about the 10th recently)  

Last couple of months, payout day has been all about lost B.A.T, none payment and a verity of other problems. This month has been no different, my own problem is that I have all my B.A.T still in the estimated rewards still and they say all payments have been completed. This is main problem with Brave, is that the whole rewards system is controlled centrally

I'm expecting to lose all of the 210+ B.A.T I received in March, like I lost half of February's rewards.  


Don't get me started about support.  Fuck it, I'm starting.  & Neither is very helpful.  You'll get two questions, "Do you have a verified Uphold wallet" and "What version browser"  then, nothing, you'll either never hear from them again or you'll be ignored.

I've had no help from support at all.  Something I hope they work on.

Things to be aware of.

  • Make sure you have a verified Uphold account.
  • Connect only 3 browsers to one Uphold account.
  • Make sure notifications are on for Brave in Windows 10.
  • Hope and pray you don't need support.
  • Don't expect to get anything


Great browser, great for privacy, fantastic ad blocker, rewards for ads.  This I'll give two thumbs up 👍👍

Wallet system is crap, support is dreadful, pay out is up to the gods. This I'll give 1 shits 💩 for Uphold.

I hope you find some knowledge or insight from this post.  I will not be putting a referral link to Brave on any of my posts because I would see that as hypocritical of me.  

Presearch Get paid to search, take back a little control from the likes of Google.

Thank you for your time.




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Grumpy Rant
Grumpy Rant

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