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By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 16 Apr 2020

This is a follow up to this post Yet another post about Brave. I did a while back.  My opinion of the browser in general was that it was a fantastic browser, it's quick, it blocks ads great.  My gripe about it was the payment system, support and the Uphold wallet.  

After many days trying to get some help with why I didn't receive payment on reddit, their community forums, I finally got Steeven (bless you brother) he requested screen shots and browser internals.  Few days later, I get a reply back informing me

finally got some answers.

Your account was initially flagged because our automated anti-fraud systems noticed unexpected activity. Restoring a wallet to multiple machines is not supported by the platform, which caused the issue.

I’ve just sent 85 BAT directly to your Uphold wallet which will account for 1 of the machines. Going forwards you’ll only be able to connect 1 machine with the wallet.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help to answer.

I was baffled with this reply, I'd not restored any wallets, all I had done, because I only got half of the rewards from January was to move 2 of the browsers to a new Uphold wallet, thinking maybe I'd put to many browser to that 1 way of checking either...anyway I created a new Uphold wallet but with a different e-mail.  This is all I'd done, after a few posts to Steeven he brought Asad in to help out. 

After yet more back and fourth and some more screenshots later he informs me that having 2 Uphold accounts in the same name shouldn't be possible (which is something else I didn't know) Once this was discovered things got sorted out pretty quick and hopefully today I will receive the rewards for the 2 browsers I have on other machines.  (Doesn't look like I'm going to be rewarded for finding this flaw)  I am just glad, even though support was slow off the blocks that we got to the bottom of it all.

Anyway would like to edit my previous post where I gave 2 shits and change it to 1 and that 1 is for Uphold.

Thank you to Steeven and Asad for all your help. 


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