Brave. Battle of Serenity

Brave. Battle of Serenity

By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 11 May 2020

I love this browser, I do really but for my personal experience over the last 3 months with the payment system has been a nightmare.  If you've read any of the previous posts I've written about Brave you will know I despise the Uphold wallet, to be fair this time it's squarely on Brave's shoulders.

Now you have to realise that only 12.32% of Brave users use the reward system, every month for the last 3 months payout day hasn't gone smoothly, the amount of posts of missing BAT and none payout is increasing. 

The CEO of Brave mentioned it in this article the low amount of users using the reward system, my guess would be getting a reward system that works and pays out correctly may help the upping of that number.  Honestly with just basically 10% using the system now, anymore would kill the system in my opinion.  I really had hoped not to visit their community forums or reddit this month but alas I'm there yet again, getting copy paste replies.  

What I think concerns people the most is the disappearance of the estimated rewards on payout day with no record of whats happening, they have a progression bar in the creators rewards why not for the ad rewards? you'd think if they did it once they could do it a second time and ease the worries of the users, a receipt if you like, something at least.  The builds keep popping out, new features added but they just don't seem to change anything with the payment system.  You cannot support content creators if you don't get the rewards, why would people want to use the reward system when the payment system isn't up for it.   

So the battle continues, here's hoping next month things go in the right direction and give some attention to the whole rewards system, then people may be happy to use it.

Come on Brave get ya shit together and sort your reward system out, pleaseeee.

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Grumpy Rant
Grumpy Rant

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