Our Vegetable Plots #20

Our Vegetable Plots #20

By Emerald Witch | Growing Our Own | 24 Jul 2021

Growing Our Own Part 13




Another shitty day, wet and windy, but I wanted to see how everything was, so I ran in for a look while everyone else waited in the car, the weather was too bad for young kids. I also had a new phone and wasn't used to it yet, and most of the photos I took of everything were too blurry to use.




With all the rain everything has got much bigger including all the weeds.


Pumpkin GIF


I was so annoyed when I got home and went to look through the photos I took, most were very blurry and unusable, my new phone is very slow when taking photos and glitchy, it's froze a few times already. Gardening in the winter weather is going to be fun.

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Emerald Witch
Emerald Witch

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Growing Our Own
Growing Our Own

Photos of our vegetable plot 👨🏻‍🌾🎃🥕🌽🥔👩🏻‍🌾

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