Crypto for Artists - Must use websites
Crypto for Artists - Must use websites

By goldhunter1 | Growing Crypto News | 24 Nov 2019

As an artist it is important to explore all avenues for your works. Crytpo and NFT's should not be overlooked.

If you don't know what an NFT is check this link


Sites I have used and recommend


Knownorigin has been around a while with a very active buying and selling community always happy to help via discord etc. The owners are alwasy active, asking for input and helping, this is probably the site I have had the best experiences with so far.


Superrare has the largest active community and has whales buying your art. Although this site has the biggest numbers it has some strange activity between a few elite members. Also the site has fees for selling work.


Although the site is very clean, has great members and owners the site is excessive with proof of identity and has very little buying activity.


Creary is pretty awesome for just posting your work for paid likes (CREA Tokens) Although not on many exchanges and getting your tokens can be a pain the overall community and art on here is great. 100% a must use.


Other useful site for creating/sharing

Obviously you can share here!

Great crypto/eth related sites designed for social media.

Useful/fun way to make AI related artwork.

Also for creating AI/human related artworks.

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