Branding is everything. What crypto projects could learn from NSDAPcoin.

Branding is everything. What crypto projects could learn from NSDAPcoin.

By VVoytila | Grindset | 29 Aug 2021

Look at the picture. Come on, look at it. Do you have any problem identifying the political party or time period? I don't think so. You may have not even immediately realised that I have covered the face of the most famous Austrian Painter with that of Joseph Biden. It is clear that a well designed logo is key to at least one key component of success: recognition. This is especially important for crypto.

With all the techies coding in the background it is easy enough to forget that crypto projects are not simply technological challenges but also commercial enterprises. Even those that are run on a non-profit, idealist or research basis need to sell themselves to you to get your attention. The swastika was an excellent choice for the NSDAP, symmetrical, easily placed in a circle or square, rendered in few primary colours. The reason we all recognise it and what it stands for now is because of how well it captivated hearts all those years ago and for this its design had surely been an important factor.

To all those who would want to design a logo for a crypto project I bring the simple lessons of the swastika:

1. Keep it simple, less colours=better. Your logo must be as recognisable in monochrome as in colour.
Good examples: AVAX, ETH, ZEC; Bad examples: UNI, ICP, SHIB

2. Symmetry. Unless you have a good reason, opt for something that is symmetrical or has at least has a good balance to it.
Good examples:  LNK, ETH, BNB; Bad examples: XTZ, DOT, LUNA

3. Have 'sharp edges' - make sure your symbol fits neatly into a square and and a circle and would make a good banner or coin. 
Good Examples: NEO, BTT, XRP; Bad Examples: ADA, QTM, IOT

There is also a league of its own for serious projects with extremely shit logos. The worst offenders are Sushiswap and Pancakeswap's tokens, followed closely by iFarm. It really shows that crypto is often either made by tasteless programmers or zoomers who want to cater to other zoomers with 'memes'. If you want to sell something serious, make it look serious. Remember that the goofy and inconsistent ideology that was national-socialist volkism sold very well amongst other things because it captured an aesthetic and established a brand.

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