THE GREAT FIX, How STONfi is Improving its Platform to Provide Top-Notch Products.

By gregoricordova | gregoblog | 25 Feb 2024



it's all About Improvement...

Getting closer to perfection every day, that is what STONfi seeks according to their latest report The Great Fix in which they detail each of the advances that they have managed to improve so that we have a more satisfactory user experience. In this article we will talk about the challenges that STONfi has overcome and the hard work of the developer team to provide us with one of the most friendly but powerful platforms that there is not only in the TON ecosystem but in the DEFI market in general.
If you are new to cryptocurrency  and want to start trading with them quickly, safely and above all cheaply, then a DEX is the option you need and STONfi is one of the leaders in the industry. Based on the powerful TON Blockchain that has recently had a huge boom for having held the world record in a public test that certified it as the fastest Blockchain on the planet, also for its association with Telegram and for the long-awaited Notcoin phenomenon, which They have made everyone turn their eyes towards TON, it gives stonfi greater visibility since in TON it is the DEX preferred by all its users.

Now, the success that this DEX has had was not a matter of luck. Since it came onto the market, STONfi has had a clear and precise roadmap, which it has been able to fully comply with. Furthermore, STONfi continually keeps updating its products on the platform and making innovations and partnerships while other projects have been left behind.
Recently the team made a massive improvement of the entire ecosystem, to adapt it to the new times and the requirements of a Blockchain that is about to take off towards the moon. The enormous number of users, which has doubled in less than half a year, has required these improvements to be necessary to offer a more pleasant experience at all times.

The STONfi team of developers continue working hard daily to create a more enjoyable user experience, which translates into faster and more efficient performance in all the operations that users perform on our platform.

Let's look in detail at all the improvements that have been detailed in the following team report:

The Great Fix™ includes:

  1. Users now always see the correct token value in dollar equivalent. We have improved the complex algorithm on the backend, and it is now capable of accurately determining asset values even under high blockchain or DEX loads.
  2. From time to time, we restart DEX to add a new feature or perform technical maintenance. As part of The Great Fix™, we have improved the service update process — users will no longer experience inconvenience during reboots.
  3. Along with the number of users, the number of processed requests has also increased. We have reworked the algorithm that displays balances and significantly reduced the time it takes for users to receive complete information about their assets. No more delays during authorization!
  4. APY in liquidity pools is now calculated using an improved algorithm and is always displayed correctly.
  5. Retrieving data from the blockchain when providing liquidity is now much faster, which has accelerated the display of data in the interface. Providing liquidity to DEX has become even more convenient!
  6. The logic for obtaining token metadata has also been reworked. Now all token icons are displayed correctly.
  7. We have improved the process of sending requests and receiving notifications about the status of operations from the blockchain. The client’s response time during any interaction and any operation is significantly reduced.
  8. Now DEX uses its own nodes on TON Blockchain. This directly affects the performance and stability of the service during overloads.
  9. Cache algorithms have been optimized. Now DEX can process large volumes of data without compromising the performance.
  10. The algorithm for creating new pools has been changed. Now transactions for creating a new pool can be sent in one click, which increases the convenience of DEX for advanced users


What do these improvements translate into?

Well, as a stonfi user for almost a year, I can assure you that the experience when performing various actions is now much simpler and, above all, faster. The simpler a platform is, the more attractive it will be for its users. The fact that we can provide liquidity in a single step is a great advance, especially for users who are not very experts when it comes to farming. Due to the overload of the network by an increasing number of users on the DEX, some nodes have been compromised, but with these improvements, STONfi now runs under its own node, which is a great advantage that allows to make use of the innovative TON sharding infrastructure
Another important improvement that has been carried out has to do with cache processing, which has been optimized, thus allowing there to be no overload on the nodes and transactions to be made without any type of delay.
If you were worried because the APY reflected in the farming pools did not match your profits, that is now a thing of the past, because with these improvements in the algorithm, we can see in real time the exact percentage that we will receive at the end.
Something that seems quite valuable to me is the fact that the lock-up period in the farming pools are now smaller and tokens can now be withdrawn almost immediately in some pools.
The great fix is now an area specifically in charge of the technical maintenance of services that require improvement and every day they continue to be attentive to any problem that may arise to resolve it quickly.
The team of developers in parallel continues working day and night to bring us a series of innovations that are on their roadmap, especially in three areas, such as the development of Omniston intrachain and Crosschain protocol and gemston secret Project, something that many of the Users have constantly asked themselves and I am sure they will surprise us with what they have been doing it in such a short time.

The most frequent users of STONfi have been able to witness how in less than a year, the platform has been strengthened with a large number of improvmets that have placed it among the first places according to several platforms such as defillama, which is responsible for monitoring all the relevant statistics on this type of DEX.



My personal experience after the Great FIX

I must honestly say that my experience has continually been more pleasant when using this DEX, and it has also become my first option when making transactions in cryptocurrencies since with stonfi I have been able to avoid the regulations imposed by the government of my country to many centralized exchanges that I used to use
I am sure STONfi will become the first Gateway to  cryptocurrencies for millions of people who still do not know this revolutionary financial system that is about to explode throughout the world and of which those of us who already know it have an enormous advantage. The fact that stonfi is built under the architecture of TON, one of the blockchains with the best performance in the last year, and its proximity to telegram, gives STONfi a gigantic opportunity to take advantage of the massive audience of almost 1 billion people of that social network and in that sense we have already created a bot that works perfectly in Telegram without having to leave the application, but that is another piece of news that we will expand on in the next article since there are many positive things that must be highlighted about this fabulous association


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