STON.FI – TON – TELEGRAM: An Unstoppable Alliance

By gregoricordova | gregoblog | 21 Oct 2023


Opportunities and benefits that being built under the TON network provides STON.FI.

The demand for DEFI products and services has increased exponentially in recent years, reaching a TVL of more than 50 billion dollars last month, which represents a growth 100 times greater than that of just 3 years ago.

People are no longer interested in services and alternatives that work under a centralized format and are looking to join increasingly decentralized solutions and protocols that meet their expectations. In the blockchain we constantly see how innovative services and alternatives are being created that seek to facilitate the user experience. For example, in just a few years we have seen how new products and services have been born such as NFTs, the Gamefi industry, AI, among others, but DEFI are one of the most prevalent solutions and which still has a lot of room to grow. 

Technologically speaking, DEXs or decentralized exchanges offer many benefits to their users, compared to CEXs, since you can interact in them without performing any type of KYC, a very intuitive interface, very low fees and without third parties involved. The great challenge is to create interoperability between all existing networks to facilitate the user experience. STON.FI understands this problem and that is why it has been perfecting and testing a robust and powerful technology for a long time to implement it on the platform, through which the desired interoperability can become a reality in a simple and fast way using the high-level capabilities and efficiency of the blockchain on which it was created, which is that of TON
The TON network is a fully decentralized, layer 1 blockchain designed to support billions of users. It offers ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use apps.

Being built on the TON network, STON.FI can take advantage of these features to provide an improved and more efficient user experience. STON.FI users can interact with the protocol without having to go through a KYC process, ensuring their privacy and anonymity. Additionally, STON.FI's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to participate in the ecosystem.

Another important benefit of the TON network is interoperability. STON.FI is working on creating bridges and connections with other existing networks to allow the transfer of assets and data seamlessly between different platforms. This makes it easier to integrate STON.FI with other projects and services in the blockchain ecosystem.

In short, STON.FI benefits from the TON network by offering an improved user experience, privacy and anonymity, low fees, and the ability to interact with other projects in the blockchain ecosystem. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for decentralized solutions and protocols that meet their expectations in the DeFi space.

To make this proposal even more interesting and valuable, the partnership that TON recently had with Telegram helps position STON.FI and all the projects created in the TON ecosystem, to an audience of more than 800 million users. This represents a gigantic opportunity and a privilege for STON.FI to position itself among the first DEXs on the market.

The expected  launch of its Cross-chain mechanism can even be done from the Telegram app itself without leaving the application. This partnership can help enable large flows of money from other blockchains to enter the platform and continue to expand around the world.








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