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By Publish7 | greek_recipes | 6 Jun 2020

Rizogalo is a sweet Greek dessert/dish that is created from milk, porridge rice and starch (brought on taste with cinnamon and vanilla). It is mainly served with a glass of water (because it is really sweet).

According to a good friend of mine (Bertha), its is the healthiest sweet that exists in Greece. She is convinced that this is the secret why she will celebrate, tomorrow (7th Of June), her 92th birthday.
Bertha - 92 years
Congratulations, Bertha! I hope you may enjoy Rizogalo for many more years!!!

If you have the chance to visit Athens, make sure you visit 'Stani'.
It is a unique, traditional coffee shop (sweet shop/milk bar) downtown Athens. I am convinced that everything you taste here is EXCELLENT! If not let me know, I will pay the bill ;-) (just kidding). The place is located here: M. Kotopouli 10, Athens 10431 Greece.


  • - 200 gr. porridge rice.
    - 200 gr. sugar.
    - 400 ml of water.
    - 1L of milk.
    - 2 tablespoons of starch.
    - 2 egg yolks.
    - seeds of a vanilla stick.
    - 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. (I prefer Ceylon cinnamon as it just tastes better).


  • - (1) Boil 400 ml of water.
    - (2) Add the porridge rice and the milk to the boiling water.
    - (3) Stir this until the rice gets soft.
    - (4) Add the starch and the sugar.
    - (5) Add the egg yolks and the seeds of the vanilla stick.
    - (6) Whisk until the mixture becomes creamy.
    - (7) Pour the hot mixture in the serving cups.
    - (8) Let the serving cups cool down. (preferable NOT in the refrigerator).

  • Finally:
    - On serving, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the portions.


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