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Great DCA experiment - report VIII (week 19-20)

By Lyokoheros | Great DCA experiment | 26 Nov 2021

And here I go, being late again. Anyway in the end I managed to stay at current semester but it took some extra effort... also the fact that I have to skip all the classes at university, so now I have a lot to catch up on, and I still don't have a new job... and this all becomes more and more paralyzing to me... so this is pretty much why I'm so late with that. Actually I have hardly done anything, and can't really find the motivation to actually do anything, and that affects even my hobbies... I really need to go on therapy. I mean for real, it's not a joke, and I currently looking for one. Hopefully, it will help me be productive again... at least I have managed to finally make this report. And why am I even doing this? Well, at least it gives me some level of satisfaction, which helps me keep myself sane. But enough of that depressive talk lets go to the report itself

Also if You don't know what I mean and what this Great DCA experiment is You can check out the introductory post. (Also remember it's not financial advice - You are the only one responsible for Your own finance and any risk You take!)

Base investment - BTC and ETH - and current portfolio value

First of all short remark, as this is already a few days later I would include also the most recent purchases.

So, the price was going up and down, but in the big picture it didn't change this much, looking at the big picture Bitcoin was just going side-ways last few days, not changing its participation in my portfolio as it still is 27,3%(well that's 0,5 p.p. lest), while Ethereum makes 31,24% which is a slight increase. This means altcoins made 41,46% of the portfolio, negligently less than before. The general profit is now about 350, slightly less, but still quite ok. 

And what were the best performing altcoins? Well it's still Solana(with ~350% profit) and Luna (with ~150% profit), but I have loses on ICP, ATOM, ADA and COMP, as You can see on this screenshot of my portfolio


New Altcoins: ADA and KDA.

So this was just two weeks, and this time with no accumulation just two new coins. 

In the 19th week, it was Cardano(ADA). This is quite an old crypto on which opinions are very split. Some say it's very good fundamentally, and appreciate its slow but steady development. Which seem to have recently gone to a new stage. Others says that this project is only promising and never actually doing things (I think that in a way... I can relate to that, not that it is very intentionally in my case... but maybe in a way, it brings more of my liking towards Cardano? Yes I know, emotions and sentiments are never good advisors). I can say for sure which site is right, but I decided that I can risk investing something in that project, I even did it with more than the usual 10€ (but only that was noted down for this portfolio of course). For now, it went down over 20%, but that was just a short time.

In the 20th week project, I choose was Kadena(KDA). Some say it is Solana killer, which itself says a lot (Solana was regularly one of the best-performing coins in my portfolio). It is also said that this project manage to finally properly scale the proof of work algorithm. I'm not exactly sure how right are those statements (and if they are correct at all) but with just these few days this coin made over 20% profit and that is something. Also because I have some problems with accessing my Kucoin account... I purchase it later and it was quite beneficial as this meant I was buying it at 2 USDT lower prices.

Some further delays

So as Yu probably can guess from my initial message there will be some more delays of other projects... I was intending to post the first of my fandom- and art-related series this week. The same goes for a summary of my portfolio. I hope You'll understand. And that You won't have to wait long for them. 

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Great DCA experiment
Great DCA experiment

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