My First Post, an Introduction! Greetings to the Publish0x World!

By Grapthar | graptharmusic | 3 Jul 2019

Good morning, evening and afternoon all!

I just joined Publish0x the other day, having somehow completely missed this blogging platform!  I've been a very active Steemit user for the last two years, so I thought it'd be fun to give this a try, see what else is out there in the Crypto Social Media space. 

I've been playing guitar for the last 15 years, and piano for the last 22, though a few years back I got into Ableton which has started to take up a lot more of my writing time lately.  On Steemit, I've been trying to share an original song every day, which has become a bit of a daily exercise for me; forcing yourself to write something new every day is great practice, and whether or not it turns out to be something good, it winds up helping out long term.  Now that I have a second outlet, I'll try and write some "Publish0x" specific tunes, hehe.

If you want to check out a random musical creation from last night, click here!  This uses some new VSTs from Native Instruments that I was just playing around with, not a serious/finished song in any sense, just an experiment with the new stuff, trying to see what works with what.   

I also have been posting daily photos of our three cats, Cleo, Blaze and Tiger, so perhaps I'll start taking some extras, and have 0x specific cat photography!  


Anyway, stay tuned, more to come of course, and thanks for checking out my blog!!

PS: the attached photo is of my old band The Steaks, at our one and only live performance.  I didn't have an image specific to "introductions", lol, so I've included that.

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