The big problem of MEGA.NZ and its new solution
The big problem of MEGA.NZ and its new solution

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 31 May 2019



The big problem of MEGA.NZ and its new solution

Today, checking my mega account, in the Security section ---> Session history (
I find several open sessions, of which I really do not know all, the problem is that I usually use VPNS and things like that, and obviously
there are usually different ips due to VPNs.



Then, when entering "paranoia mode" I decide to change the password and also add the 2fa.

But at the moment when seeing the section of "Recovery key" I realized the big problem ...


I explain it, currently, gives us security with the possibility of establishing a contraña and a 2fa (WHAT is COMMON) the problem is that it also allows us
download a recovery key which is really unique and can not be changed, and it serves if we lose access to the email or if we forget the password
or if we lose our 2fa, we could say in simple words that everything else is absolutely useless, because if someone gets our "Recovery key",
no matter how many times we change the password or if we put the 2fa or not, who has the recovery key will take over your account forever.


Obviously when I realized this, I communicated to the "security" sector of, which gave me the reason for this big problem, and I was informed that soon
We can also restart this "Recovery key", to avoid just what I mentioned before (someone will always take over our account).

With this I bring you the news that this function will be added in the future.





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