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Syscoin Hack Ethereum Bridge Bounty - The Cut Off Problem

1 week ago 16 minute read art_of_bug $1.25 tipped

Welcome back. Hacking production chains a.k.a. mainnets is the most fun, but when incentives allow, exploring testnets can be fun too. The following is our first submission to the hack the Syscoin's Ethereum bridge bounty (do follow this link also to...

Particl – Using Spent Kernel To Split the Network

29 Jun 2019 11 minute read art_of_bug $3.10 tipped

Welcome again. It took us a while to get back. The reasons are both simple and sad – communication with Altcoin vendors is very difficult and slow. Many Altcoins do not have any vulnerability policy in place. You have no idea who to contact and you h...