Taklimakan Reward Campaign 202

By Graham ooko | Grahamooko | 29 Apr 2020


Dear Taklimakan Network members!

As you know, our team strives to create the most convenient social network for crypto enthusiasts. But we can not do without your help.


Therefore, we have developed a convenient reward campaign so that you can earn bonuses right in USDT. All payments will go to your wallet, and you decide when and how much to withdraw.


The total reward pool is 250,000 USDT


Get $0.2 (in USDT) for each 1st-level referral, and $0.05 (in USDT) for each 2nd-level referral.


The Taklimakan reward campaign was designed so that you can earn more by telling friends, relatives, subscribers about our platform and giving them gift vouchers for 0.1 USDT.



How does it work?

  1. Post or send a link with a gift voucher and spread a word about the Taklimakan Network;

  2. Accumulate users registered by your referral link;

  3. Immediately earn $0.2 (in USDT) for each of them;

  4. Motivate invitees to participate in the campaign too by sending ready-made instructions;


  1. Your referrals are active and become part of Taklimakan;

  2. You get rewards again!


  1. You compete with other users and participate in side-campaigns;

  2. You get a lot of extra payouts!


Read the detail information and campaign rules here: https://taklimakan.network/blog/53906


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