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By GoVenture | GoVenture | 28 Feb 2023

GoVenture CIO (Chief Investment Officer)

With 25 years of experience in financial market analysis, geopolitics, management, public relations, and marketing, Pinchas Cohen has a well-established reputation among industry professionals as a trusted voice in the financial market industry. He provides expert consultancy services to financial firms, offering valuable insights into market trends and global events. During his six-year tenure at, Cohen wrote about 2,400 articles, establishing himself as a well-known figure to the broader public. He was known for taking a contrarian stance against the market narrative, further cementing his reputation.


Cohen served as the Chief Financial Market Analyst for 24Option, accurately forecasting key events such as Brexit, Trump's victory, and the Italian Referendum. He co-founded The Israeli Chamber of Technical Analysts with Ralph Acampora, the "Godfather" of technical analysis, to promote education and regulation in the field. 

Cohen has advised regulators and parliament members and served as head of regulations and compliance at a NY Mortage bank, where Fannie Mae's senior underwriters commended him for running the best operation they have ever seen. He has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, having served as vice president at two New York firms. With his extensive experience and knowledge in financial market analysis, geopolitics, and beyond, Cohen is a highly sought-after consultant in the financial market field.

Pinchas Cohen comment about joining GoVenture:

“I joined GoVenture due to its exceptional offering of exponential returns through its diverse portfolio of startups and real estate, starkly contrasting the limitations and inherent risks of conventional markets. With 20,000 startup partners providing added value and security, along with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support, I am empowered to take charge of my financial future and mitigate potential risks, including economic uncertainty, repeated market instability, and the dangers of debt defaults and their catastrophic impact on the economy”.

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