What is nano (NANO) ?

Nano is a cryptocurrency that's around 1$ (no, it isn't a stablecoin). It is sometimes presented as the new bitcoin, but, what is really NANO ?


Block-Lattice instead of blockchain

The strangest thing of this crypto is that it doesn't use blockchain, but another technology called block-lattice. In this technology, there isn't one common blockchain but one chain per account. This model allows low-end nodes to store only some chains.

block lattice schema

You've probably seen I mentionned txns instead of blocks. It's normal, because in the nano system, blocks and txns are the same thing (a block contains one transaction and is created by transaction sender).


No mining

Mining is solving a very hard math challenge for adding a block to chain (and getting block reward). In a block-lattice system, blocks are created while sending a transaction and doesn't require mining (sorry, miners).

So if you see an advertisement about nano mining, it's a scam.


Nano wallets

For storing your nano, you will need for a wallet like natrium or nanovault

update : atomic wallet (thanks to @xqanxxx), and trust wallet (thanks to @mayoko) also supports NANO

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