Gridcoin, a Scientific brother for Bitcoin
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Gridcoin, a Scientific brother for Bitcoin

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency that rewards scientific distributed computing effectuated via BOINC (that you can find at



This computing power is used to fight coronavirus (rosetta@home BOINC project), find elementary particles (LHC@home), compute asteroids' trajectory (asteroids@home) and so many scientific purposes, so it fixes the energy waste of bitcoin.


Blockchain Security Model

But crunching (the name for BOINC computing) doesn't secure blockchain, so it uses a PoS consensus that gives small rewards (crunching gives you additional rewards that are distributed when you finds a block).

The 1st version used scrypt PoW, but it was deprecated because it wasted energy.


Crunching Pool

If you doesn't have gridcoins to stake (or have bad uptime percentage for your node), you can crunch on grcpool that will give you the BOINC rewards (just add it as a project manager).



If you want to download the core wallet, their website is, but If you want an SPV wallet, I advise coinomi, for mobile or desktop.



Gridcoin is currently 45 sats and can be traded on southxchange and txbit


Official Websites and Resources

Official website :

Grcpool :

Official discord :


A crunching screenshot

rosetta@home screenshot


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