Eligma Progress Update: New Exchange, New Investment, World expansion & development

By NAKA_ | NAKA | 1 Mar 2021

The interest in Eligma and its products is soaring globally. Our primary focus this quarter has been to push for the development of Elly POS, a revolutionary innovation that combines cards, crypto and other digital payments on one device, and enables merchants to generate extra revenue by using the integrated services. Merchant Dashboard, which is an essential part of the Elly POS user experience for the merchant, underwent further development to become a holistic tool for tracking real-time payment data.  

Elly POS is now in the final testing phase, getting ready to enter its first market: Romania. Numerous products like the GoCrypto Hardware POS have been upgraded, i.e. with a crypto exchange feature. We have been joined by the first merchants from four different countries, several cars and an apartment were sold through GoCrypto in February. The central news of this quarter, of course, is the 4 million euro investment by Bitcoin.com. As a good start of the year, Eligma made the CBS Insights list of the top-funded tech startups in Europe. Another great news: GoC is listed on the CoinFLEX exchange

New investment, new exchange

  • A few days into the new year, Eligma received a new investment – 4 million EUR from Roger Ver and Bitcoin.com. Eligma’s goal is to revolutionise the amount of hardware, training and time required for the merchants in the area of payments.

  • We are very proud to announce that the GoC token is listed on a new exchange – CoinFLEX, known for innovative incentives and some of the lowest trading fees on the market.

GoCrypto: world expansion and development

We are seeing a marked increase of interest in GoCrypto at a global level: 

  • at the end of last year, we marked 50 GoCrypto locations in Antigua and Barbuda,
  • first merchants from India, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Belgium joined GoCrypto,
  • GoCrypto welcomed Magister, a major cash register software provider from Romania (8,000 locations strong),
  • a trend of bigger crypto purchases: in February, several cars as well as an apartment have been sold.

GoCrypto upgrade

  • accounting periods were upgraded and adjusted to the local specifics of merchants in targeted countries,  
  • the mobile version of the GoCrypto webPOS became multilingual,
  • multiple companies can now be linked to the same account; this means that an owner of multiple companies can view all payment-related statistics with a single sign-in.

GoCrypto Hardware POS

  • upgraded payment app flow for merchants in Antigua and Barbuda,
  • creation of automated reports related to the crypto exchange feature; the exchange archive and the daily accounts are now available in the POS device itself,
  • creation of automated billing related to the crypto exchange feature, 
  • start of the testing of the upgraded modular application for the GoCrypto Hardware POS, in which the merchant can use the device for payments and/or crypto exchange (all possible combinations supported).

Introduction of USDT into GoCrypto products and GoCrypto Dashboard upgrade

  • start of the testing of added support for USDT, which will enable merchants to choose a stable coin as settlement,
  • this goes in line with the testing of the upgraded Merchant Dashboard, where the merchant will be able to use USDT credit for offering the crypto exchange service. Accordingly, the crypto exchange dashboard is undergoing an upgrade to display the history of all the exchanges made and commissions earned.


Our AI-based expense tracking app continues to be among the most popular free apps of its kind in Slovenia: 

  • the user experience was upgraded with an even easier flow for adding warranties and loyalty cards,
  • first nationwide charity campaign with the Ana’s Little Star food charity and the Žito food producer exceeded goals and expectations: 250 Christmas cakes delivered to families in need,
  • second nationwide charity campaign in collaboration with Ana’s Little Star and the Gorenjka chocolate producer has just finished. A record-breaking half a ton of chocolate delivered to families in need,
  • the Natankaj.si interactive map upgrade: advanced search suggests the optimal petrol station based on one’s vehicle profile (petrol type, average consumption, tank size) and journey cost.

Elly POS

Elly POS is one of our central products of this year, which will be focussed on its international expansion, starting with its launch in Romania in March. The first version is completed and its internal testing is underway, with the following milestones:

  • Elly POS has a separate subpage on the GoCrypto website, with an independent Elly POS website coming up soon,
  • the first payments through the Elly POS terminal has been executed (card, digital and crypto),
  • the Elly POS terminal and the Elly POS Dashboard were adapted to the Romanian market, including the local currency support and language,
  • the Elly POS Dashboard was upgraded with a more detailed display of payment statuses,
  • a modular Elly POS terminal and Elly POS Dashboard were developed, adapting to the market depending on who offers the service there (either Eligma or its contractual partner Lab4Pay).

And where are we going next?

In the Elly wallet app, crypto purchases with credit cards will be possible due to our new partnership with the Fenige payment card processor. 

We are also expanding our marketing team with a SEO specialist and a social media strategy specialist to boost our online presence to its fullest potential. The first fruit of our collaboration will be the brand new Elly POS website in March

The most important immediate milestone, however, is the launch of Elly POS in Romania. Apart from the final testing, the supporting materials and activities (contracts, processes) are also being prepared and the local partnerships initiated. We want Elly POS to provide the merchant with a top-notch user experience; for this reason, we are planning an upgrade of the Elly POS Dashboard. In the first phase, it will include:

  • a single sign-in to view both Elly POS and the GoCrypto Dashboard, 
  • the shortcut layer to simplify access to Dashboard-specific features and the dashboards of the external payment methods,
  • the merchant will be able to view the payouts of all the payment methods with a single access, which will make their business operation so much easier.

In the second upgrade, we will start modifying Elly POS towards becoming a one-stop-shop catering to all banking needs of the merchant. Planned for this phase are also the development of modules enabling additional revenue to the merchant: to display ads on Elly POS and to integrate third-party solutions into it.

We are committed to our vision of crypto as the future while combining the best that the crypto and traditional world of payments have to offer. Our goal is for Elly POS to become a leading product of its kind on the market, and to eventually revolutionise the world of payments and payment services for the merchant even further as a next-level banking solution. 

Accept cards, crypto and other digital payments on one device! Join us.

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