Push It To The Limit!

Push It To The Limit!

This motivational blog post is about helping you to operate an efficient high performance action Steem account that will generate the highest reward payouts. This is not about gaming the Steem reward system with spam.

High quality creative content publication and curation is our forte. Steem will not remain the world's #1 social media network with anything less than high quality content!

Although the Steem platform discourages spam and plagiarism, it will deliver high Steem reward payouts which is a good thing!

First things first, what topic are you an expert? What are the life experiences you can draw upon to share in a well written blog post?

There is something about you that only you can talk about in a blog topic. If you honestly search your life path, you will find some really great blog topics. If you are like most Steemians, three really good topics will be enough to really excel on Steem. However, only two good topics are needed for you to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT! 

Furthermore, be considerate of your audience. You want curators to upvote your publications. You want to engage in conversation every now and then. Understand, your curators are Steemians that only want to upvote good quality content that really adds value to the Steem blockchain.

Furthermore, Steemians like what is "free", "new", and a "secret"... Whatever is trending "now" will get at least views and reader impressions. I thought this simple fact of marketing success would be helpful to you. It will certainly be reflected in your FOLLOWING, one of the hardest things to do in the Steem blog-o-sphere, because you have to be consistent with interesting content publications.

Now that you have great blogging topics to publish on the Steem blockchain be prolific! ~ PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!

What's to stop you? Set the daily blog posting goal at 3 if that is your limit, then get after it daily like there is no tomorrow. Publish 15-20 blog posts weekly will dramatically grow your Steem account ~ you will claim Steem rewards which grow and increase daily!

Who doesn't want to get paid high Steem reward payouts that grows daily? You certainly will experience higher Steem reward payouts! That's what all Steemians really want at the end of the day... GO HARD FULL CHARGE TO PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!



My oldest of three sons introduced me to blockchain technology in August of 2018. Now I enjoy blogging on social media platforms for cryptocurrency sharing my prosperity perspectives of pure opportunities in the age of abundance.


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