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My oldest of three sons introduced me to blockchain technology in August of 2018. Now I enjoy blogging on social media platforms for cryptocurrency sharing my prosperity perspectives of pure opportunities in the age of abundance.

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Push It To The Limit!

17 Jul 2019 1 minute read 3 comments Apostle-Thomas

This motivational blog post is about helping you to operate an efficient high performance action Steem account that will generate the highest reward payouts. This is not about gaming the Steem reward system with spam. High quality creative content pu...


15 Jul 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Apostle-Thomas

The one common denominator of most social media networker's is a dream! They have a dream that they are passionate about, and they bravely face the uncertainty of each day to pursue it. However, passionate pursuit of a dream eventually dies when ther...

Come On Board Steem Network Now and JUST PUSH IT TO $7.77 STEEM

15 Jul 2019 2 minute read 1 comment Apostle-Thomas

Anything promoted on a social media platform for the betterment of people always answers a basic underlying question from the targeted audience ~ WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? What was said in the promotional advertisement that told you the value of the platf...


15 Jul 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Apostle-Thomas

Do you realize making excuses to NOT do what is good for you is a form of self abuse?   That's right! You can twist it inside out and turn it upside down in your own mind ~ an excuse is a reason stuffed with a lie! It is self abuse! And, to what end?...


15 Jul 2019 1 minute read 1 comment Apostle-Thomas

What's it worth to a social media user to have the amazing opportunity to earn incredible rewards for creative content that makes the lives of people better all over the world?  The price of STEEM! How simple can it be? Consistently blog postings wit...


15 Jul 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Apostle-Thomas

Steem is faster than the top 3 blockchains combined according to Block'tivity.  Steeming is a term used by Steem stakeholders in the fastest transacting blockchain in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Block'tivity can tell you more about the real value o...


12 Jul 2019 3 minute read 4 comments Apostle-Thomas

What wise words of advise would you want to hear from the most successful experienced author of any cryptocurrency powered blogging platform? What do you think they would emphasize more than anything? Over the first half of this year blogging has bee...


11 Jul 2019 3 minute read 0 comments Apostle-Thomas

There is an intelligent point of view that mass adoption still has a ways to go. The counter-argument to that opinion is the bold strategic moves by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to centralize cryptocurrency. It is a losing propo...


7 Jul 2019 2 minute read 16 comments Apostle-Thomas

The people who stand to benefit most from the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies have a major challenge understanding what exactly that is in simple terms so they can intelligently answer the age-old question ~ What's in it for me? So let's take it sl...


3 Jul 2019 2 minute read 8 comments Apostle-Thomas

One of the largest labor-intense industries emerging in the U.S. economy is social media.  After blogging a few months, and being offered a plethora of pure opportunities, I decided to brand myself as a copywriter influence activist (CIA) agent or fr...


Living with Toxic people

6 Sep 2019 newshub

06 September 2019
What if the toxic person is your wife? ...BTW great article ~ thanks for posting!

The Top 5 cryptocurrencies latest price

6 Sep 2019 gretongersindonesia

06 September 2019
XRP is a bust so far... It has so much potential. I really thought it would be higher in value by now. Thanks for posting!

Ripple ripped into pieces in a new research report!

11 Aug 2019 CryptoTapas.com

12 August 2019
This is all apart of the BLOCKCHAIN INQUISITION that is sweeping through the ecosystem. How many security fraud cases are in U.S. courts to date? The number will rise and it will scare investors! The best safe blockchain investment is STEEM! What a bargain @ $.19! Wait for it and buy buy buy @ $.05!

CNBC: $55K Bitcoin Forecast - When?

6 Aug 2019 Ed-california

12 August 2019
The more a crypto asset is in value the less attraction it has... the less the demand! The $55K is a number that has little chance to attain because of the alternatives in the space which will present themselves in the wake as an alternative to BTC for any significant upside say to $20K. Given the obsolete BTC blockchain design, it can not compete with the stable coins. It sounds like pie in the sky that just won't fly! Such speculation should be a felony crime!

A Quick Review Of BAT (Basic Attention Token) Project

11 Aug 2019 Rumi

11 August 2019
Brave is one of the best browsers in this space. Thanks for an informative article.

Everything you need to know about the Brave Browser and BAT token

24 Nov 2018 Zoran Spirkovski

11 August 2019
Fantastic article... Here we go earning cryptocurrency surfing the internet. Does it get any better than this? Any simpler? ...that's what the age of abundance is about!

Basic Attention Token And Brave Browser - Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising

28 Jun 2019 fycee

11 August 2019
Hey Fycee! Congrats on getting over 200 followers. I have watched your account grow in the last couple of months... Keep up the great job you are doing. I am happy to see it paying off for you big time!

BAT, Brave, and publish0x

8 Aug 2019 Daniel Goldman

10 August 2019
Great article Daniel. This really helps put things into a clearer perspective. We really know how to work the platform now that BAT is being rewarded!

FINALLY, The US Lawmakers Admit They Can't Ban Bitcoin

2 Aug 2019 Ed-california

03 August 2019
Wonderful article Ed. Another confirmation that mass adoption is here. However, I emphasize what you vaguely allude to in your piece. Lawmakers want to reign in the industry with the more practical aspects that protect the public from fraud and scam artists. They will look at the suitability of a token for critical mass service demands like the denomination series to pay employees for their labor and for the sale of goods and services. Create some acceptance standards for the American public is also a real lawmaker's objective... They will somehow make law makers relevant with power to control cryptocurrencies.

Widespread crypto adoption is really happening. Do you want to be a part of it?

3 Aug 2019 Incent

03 August 2019
Another great article that lends support to the idea that mass adoption is taking place right now. Thanks Incent! The major challenge was having a cryptocurrency with both a denomination series and Satoshi decimals. Denomination series will enable the medium of exchange and build confidence to eliminate cryptocurrency traps.

The New York Attorney General's verdict on Bitfinex and Tether

2 Aug 2019 cyprain

02 August 2019
Thanks for the article Cyprain. I will follow this story to see what the outcome will be!

4 Important Crypto News You Might Have Missed in July

26 Jul 2019 Ed-california

31 July 2019
Thanks for the article. But what about STEEM? The moon shot is coming in August... Maybe in September... Probably in October...

EASY Way To Recognize Bullish Patterns - Crypto Trading For Beginners Part 1

29 Jul 2019 CryptoChartWizard91

31 July 2019
Great article. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

4 Very Interesting Things That Happened In Ethereum's Ecosystem Last Week

29 Jul 2019 kevW!ls0n

31 July 2019
Excellent article. Keep up the good work!

How to Purchase Ripple XRP

28 Jul 2019 Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l Upliftnation.io]

29 July 2019
Excellent article Jimmy D... I would briefly elaborate my opinion regarding the centralized banking establishments and those small wedge issues like cashing out of cryptocurrency, master keyword recovery, KYC, etc... They will nudge in and market effectively for a significant share of the ecosystem. I'm not saying it will be good or bad... I'm just sharing my insightful opinion. Thanks for listening.

Bitcoin Went Below $10K Because of this? IRS Is Chasing Mom and Pop Crypto Investors

29 Jul 2019 Adamic0

29 July 2019
Thanks for sharing this article Adamic0. It is my opinion that the IRS is one of many elements that will be used effectively as a persuasion tactic by government authorities for the Blockchain Inquisition ~ the regulatory authorities are looking to reign in taxes, at least say for the scare tactic it is a method of tax evasion versus avoidance which is perfectly legal and lawful under the present code. Enhanced interrogation by the U.S. Congressional oversight committee is targeted towards meeting the demand and supply of critical mass, as well as paying the cost of labor ~ ideal for U.S. government going forward... they would order the Treasury Department blockchain to have a more precise calculation of annual budget. Just make the Treasury Department blockchain supply any amount requested by the FED and the U.S. Congress. Put a cap on annual budget at $5 Trillion USD to get the National Infrastructure Bill Passed. Political Ideological Gridlock makes aforementioned unlikely but probably a slight possibility which further indicates the People want new innovative ways to resolve U.S. public debt crisis poppling over $23 Trillion USD.

11 Jul 2019 JamesMorillo

25 July 2019
I like BRAVE! I use it now for my browser to earn crypto! Thanks for asking.

Can Monero (XMR) Overshadow Bitcoin (BTC) In the Next 5 Years?

22 Jul 2019 JamesM

25 July 2019
Thanks for the article JamesM. "Bitcoin is pseudonymous, not anonymous"~ So BTC only has satoshi (8 decimals), slow transaction speeds, NO scaleability to meet the supply and demand of critical mass! It also has security issues... But what about MONERO?~ Privacy is only one aspect of Mass Adoption. Can it scale up to meet the supply and demand of critical mass? ...Does it have ALL 4 monetary functions of currency? ...This is the REAL breaking news ~ Centralized banking gets it... They are making their move now because MASS ADOPTION is here now according to their analysis of the ecosystem! The cryptocurrency token coin (ctc) has it ALL ~ both satoshi and a denomination series ...It has 16 denominations derived from the standard single-digit series 1/2/5 presently found with the prevailing and preferred world reserve currency. I'm not trying to write another book for a comment on your great article... I'm just saying!

BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH Price Analysis For 22-26 of July

22 Jul 2019 CryptoChartWizard91

25 July 2019
Excellent job charting the most popular crypto in the ecosystem. Thanks for sharing CryptoChartWizard91!

3 Key Takeways From Cardano Founder's Recent Video Update

23 Jul 2019 Chenhuang_defi

23 July 2019
Thanks for the insightful article. ADA is not just crypto to watch but to own! I believe this project will eventually fly ~ moonshot that goes to mars with a soft landing. In December 2018, I lost interest and moved on. The project appeared to be 2 years away from an official launch. Nevertheless, I hope to hear from him soon. Thanks for sharing @Chenhuang_defi

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