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Guest #1: Ali Hamam from Tahinis Restaurant

By Keegan Francis | Go Full Crypto | 30 Aug 2020

The very first guest on the Go Full Crypto Podcast is none other than Ali Hamam from Tahinis Restaurant. Ali and his business partner recently decided to convert the cash reserves for the restaurant into Bitcoin. To most, this seems like a crazy thing to do. For us here at Go Full Crypto, this is what our ethos is all about. Jumping straight into the cryptosphere with both feet.

Ali Hamam

During the podcast, Ali tells Go Full Crypto the story of how he decided to start investing in bitcoin just 8 months ago. He really couldn't have picked a better time. As Ali points out in the episode, world economies are beginning to collapse. There is looming economic uncertainty that casts a show of doubt upon the guarantee central banks give to their respective currencies. Eventually Ali discloses that he has simply lost trust in FIAT money, and is ready to accept the newest form of money the world has to offer. Usually the process of converting to cryptocurrency takes a while for the average individual. Ali is definitely not an average individual though, he is a very articulate, intelligent entrepreneur. He is well spoken, and intentional. What we can learn from Ali is the path that he took to get to Going Full Crypto.

Bitcoin, the Free Savings Account

Over the course of the last week, the Tahinis Restaurant twitter handle has been on a bitcoin tweet storm. Many of the final reasons that Ali expresses in the podcast are covered in the Tahinis Restaurant Twitter account

Go Full Crypto Podcast

The full episode with Ali Hamam from Tahinis Restaurant will launch on Tuesday, September 1st. In order to be sure you catch the episode, subscribe to our podcast on your favourite podcasting app. The Go Full Crypto can be found on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

The entire episode with Ali is recorded on Zoom, so we intend on releasing the episode on the Go Full Crypto YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe for all of our future updates. 

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Keegan Francis

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